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Capresso EC100 Review – Best budget espresso machine?

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It’s review time! Today the Capresso EC100 Pump espresso machine will be reviewed. You will learn the good the bad and the ugly. With so many espresso machines to choose from these days, it is very easy to get confused or get lost in the vast market. The key steps to making the right choice include knowing what you are looking for and doing the proper research. Once you have these things figured out, you can’t go wrong!

There are many coffee machine manufacturers out there, but not all are good and reliable. One thing you should check first when you plan to buy a coffee machine is to check the manufacturer. Capresso is a name that is well known and renowned in the world of coffee machine manufacturers. They’ve been around for years and have delivered top quality coffee makers for quite a while now. One particular model that we’re going to talk about today is the Capresso EC100. We’re talking about a compact espresso maker, with different drink choices to satisfy many coffee lovers.

So if this sounds intriguing to you, stay tuned and learn more about the Capresso EC100.

Features and Drink Choices

This lovely model gives you the opportunity to get creative and have fun. With a wider array of coffee drinks than most espresso machines, the Capresso EC100 promises to be a fun and tasty experience. This coffee machine features a two-part frother, which will give you the ability to make cappuccinos and lattes, along with espresso shots. One very cool feature is that this machine comes with a frothing sleeve, which will give you the freedom and creativity to swirl hot steam into your milk, to get that foamy and rich topping for your desired cappuccinos. The frothing sleeve is also removable if you are looking into the possibility of using the hot steam to make lattes.

Just like the professional espresso machines used in cafes or restaurants, the Capresso EC100 uses the same techniques.  We’re talking about using bar pressure, in order to extract the optimal flavor out of the coffee grounds. The Capresso EC100 pump espresso and cappuccino machine also let you use fine ground coffee, or if you’re in a hurry in the morning, you can use the already pre-packed espresso coffee pods. Another cool feature is that you can brew multiple cups of espresso simultaneously, thus saving time. There is also a stainless steel cup-warming tray, found on the top of the machine, which ensures that your coffee will stay warm.

Water Reservoir and Maintenance

On the back of the machine, you’ll find the water reservoir. It is clear, making it easier to gauge the water levels. This water reservoir guarantees that you won’t get any taste of metallic, because of the fact that the water will never get a touch of aluminum. This is a great feature, what this means that you’ll always get the best and fullest flavor available in each and every cup.

Furthermore, the water reservoir is also removable. Just like the drip tray, which can be found on the front of the machine. This is very handy because it makes the machine easier to clean. If you don’t look after and maintain your coffee machine, it will result in poor taste of drinks and maybe even lead to the risk of spreading bacteria.

On the downside, the drip tray and water reservoir are not dishwasher safe. So you’ll have to do some old-fashioned hand-washing to keep hygiene levels high and also the quality of the drinks.

Safety Features and Customer Support

The Capresso EC-100 is equipped with various safety features that are found only on the best espresso machines. Some of these features include the short electrical cord, which makes sure no cables are dangling within children’s reach. Furthermore, the polarized plug ensures that your espresso machine can be plugged only in one way. In addition, the Capresso EC-100 features on and off indication lights, which make it easier to see if the machine is turned off when you want it to.

The good people at Capresso are always there when you need support. They are also available by email if you run into problems. The Capresso EC-100 also comes with a one-year warranty, which is standard when it comes to coffee machines. In addition, there is also the Capresso website. It provides users with PDF file manual along with tasty beverage recipes, such as various types of hot chocolate and teas.


The Capresso EC-100 uses a dual swivel steam wand, which gives you the freedom and creativity you need to make your desired topping for your drinks. The water reservoir doesn’t come in contact with aluminum, ensuring the full taste of the coffee. The warm-up trays at the top will ensure that you’ll always have your cup of coffee nice and hot. All in all, it’s a great machine that will serve you high-quality coffee.

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