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Best Portable Coffee Makers – Flavorful Coffee On the Go

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Are you a frequent traveler or a trekker, as well as a coffee lover? Well, such people often face difficulty in getting a perfect delicious cup of coffee while they are somewhere in the middle of their journey, however, if you have the best portable coffee maker, you can breathe a sigh of relief!

Not for just hikers or travelers, portable coffee makers are a great option when you want a coffee while driving or simply being in your car. Basically, portable coffee makers can help you get a perfect coffee cup any time and almost anywhere you want.

You can also use this on picnics or casual weekend family gatherings. A portable coffee maker would be of great use when you are somewhere on a road trip with your friends or family. So how can you actually get the perfect portable coffee maker?

Editor’s Choice – Wacaco Minipresso NS, Portable Espresso Machine –

Wacaco Minipresso NS is certainly our top pick because it is highly portable and easily manageable. Out of all the top online reviewed 12-volt portable coffee makers, this machine is said to be the most reliable one that can provide you with a delicious coffee cup anytime! 

Best Portable Coffee Makers to Buy in 2021

Here are some of the best portable coffee makers that you can get in the market today:

Comparison Chart

Wacaco Minipresso NS, Portable Espresso Machine, Compatible Nespresso Original Capsules and Compatibles, Hand Coffee Maker, Travel Gadgets, Manually Operated, Perfect for Camping
Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker – Makes 1-3 Cups of Delicious Coffee Without Bitterness per Press
Makita DCM501Z 18V LXT/ 12V max CXTLithium-Ion Cordless Coffee Maker, Tool Only
Handpresso Pump Pop, Sky Blue
AICOK Portable Espresso Machine, 15 Bar Electric Espresso Maker with Heating Function , Small Travel Coffee Maker Compatible with Nespresso Capsules, Easy to Clean, Perfect for Camping, Travel, Office
BODUM Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Coffee and Tea Press, 15 Ounce, Green
GSI Outdoors, Glacier Stainless Commuter JavaPress, French Press Coffee Mug, Superior Backcountry Cookware Since 1985, Red
ESPRO P0 Ultralight Double Walled Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Coffee French Press, 16 Ounce, Matte Meteorite Black
Coleman Camping Coffee Maker,Black
1000ML Travel Kettle Electric Car Truck Water Heater Coffee Bottle for Tea Coffee Making
AmoVee French Press Travel Coffee Press Mug Tea and Coffee Maker Bottle, Travel Tumbler, 350ml/12oz (Black)
STARESSO Portable Espresso Machine – Manual Espresso with Rich & Thick Crema, Mini Coffee Maker Using Ground Coffee & Nespresso Pods, Handy Espresso Maker for Travel Camping Office Home Use
Handpresso Auto Espresso Maker
Stanley Adventure All-in-One Boil + Brew camping french press, 32 oz, Silver
CONQUECO Portable Espresso Maker Travel Coffee Maker Portable Electric Espresso Machine suit for Travel, outdoor, Home and Office
Wacaco Minipresso GR, Portable Espresso Machine, Compatible Ground Coffee, Hand Coffee Maker, Travel Gadgets, Manually Operated, Perfect for Camping, Hiking
Portable Coffee Maker by Barsetto, Espresso Maker for Capsule & Ground Coffee, Up to 15 Bar Powerful Pressure, Manual Single-Serve Brewers for Travel Picnic Hiking, TRIPRESSO Series(Black)
WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker bundled with Nanopresso Protective Case, Upgrade Version of Minipresso, 18 Bar Pressure, Extra Small Travel Coffee Maker, Manually Operated

Wacaco Minipresso NS, Portable Espresso Machine

This is the most stylish and lightweight coffee maker that you can have to carry with yourself anywhere. Its design and size make this Wacaco Minipresso much handier than other coffee makers, giving you a joyful coffee-making experience.

Super Easy-to-Use

If you buy this Minipresso, you will not have to go through any complex steps in order to get a perfect cup of coffee anywhere. All you have to do is to pump the manual piston that it has, a few times to make your desired type of coffee. It uses NS capsules, but many other capsules that are compatible can be used, too.

Light in Weight

The total weight of this coffee maker is around 350 grams because of not needing any batteries or electricity. This makes it one of the lightest portable coffee machines. Moreover, it contains a 70 ml water tank that can be replaced by larger ones in case you like it that way.

This coffee maker is not only easy-to-use but easily cleanable, too. You can also get a smart carry case separately to make this coffee maker even more easily portable for camping or hiking purposes.


  • Very light in weight
  • Highly portable
  • Elite design
  • No need for power or electricity
  • Compatible with NS and other Capsules


  • The default water tank size is small (70 ml only)
  • You need to buy a larger water tank separately

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

AeroPress has introduced an innovative way of making a delicious and creamy cup of coffee without having to compromise on the taste or aroma. This coffee maker can make you a perfect American coffee in less than 30 seconds.

1-3 Cups of Coffee in a Single Press

This innovative and well-designed coffee maker has the capability to take you about 1-3 cups of luscious coffee in a single press. It contains 350 micro filters along with a press, scoop, funnel, a filter holder, and a stirrer.

Not a Typical Coffee Maker

In this coffee maker, you can brew a coffee at the proper temperature with quick filtering. This whole coffee maker is washable, and all of its components can be cleaned easily.

It follows a proper ingenious mechanism to prepare you a coffee cup and, thus, the coffee never comes out to be bitter or messy.


  • American coffee within 30 seconds
  • No power requirements
  • BPA free substances
  • Light in weight
  • Easily washable


  • Requires hot water to work
  • Does not include a mug

Makita 12-V max Lithium-Ion Cordless Coffee Maker

You can get delicious and creamy cups of coffee cups through this Makita DCM501Z. It is a well-known portable USB coffee maker, which is not only a great choice for a vacation but can also be very helpful at work.

Lithium Battery

This coffee maker contains an 18-volt lithium battery. It does not need any paper filters, which, as a whole, makes it super easy to carry.

Safe to Use

This coffee maker itself turns off when there is less water left in the tank. Almost all cup sizes can fit very well in this maker. It can make you a coffee within 5 minutes because of its rapid heating system. Apart from this, it is also easy to carry due to the handle, which makes it quite sturdy.


  • Delicious coffee within 5 minutes
  • 3.5’’ cup clearance
  • Compatible with both single-serve packs and ground coffee
  • Very Handy
  • Operates at 12 volt


  • Battery needs to be bought separately
  • Makes you 2 cups of coffee in a single charge

Handpresso Pump Pop, Sky Blue

This is another ingenious coffee maker by Handpresso that makes you a perfect coffee cup on the go. It comes in various vibrant colors that can give you a rocking coffee-making experience at any place. 

16-Bar Manual Pump

This device does not require any power or electricity as it has a 16 bar Manual Pump that can brew coffee anytime you like without needing to take care of the charging or batteries.

Compact Coffee Maker

This coffee maker allows you to brew pre-ground espresso as well as the ESE pods. It weighs 1.06 lbs which makes it a quite compact and portable machine.


  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Comes in numerous colors
  • No power supply needed
  • A great traveling device
  • Compact and reliable


  • Requires hot water to work
  • Makes one shot at a time

AICOK Portable 15 Bar Espresso Machine

When it comes to choosing a traveling device, the first and foremost thing to consider is portability and easy cleaning. Well, the self-cleaning system of this AICOK coffee maker may make you buy this right now.

Perfect Travel Partner

This device has nearly all the characteristics to be a great coffee maker. It can heat up without getting any power supply and can prepare you a delicious cup of coffee every single time you use this machine.

Single Button Operation

With this coffee maker, all you need to do is to use a single button for a few seconds and get a cup of coffee ready right at the moment. You can either use Nespresso or L’OR capsules, the ones you like better.


  • One-Touch Operation
  • Well-Designed Heating System
  • 15 bar pressure
  • Can make coffee out of both hot and cold water
  • Super easy to clean
  • Fits perfectly in your bag


  • Can get faulty when immersed because of not being waterproof
  • Compatible with Nespresso and L’OR capsules

BODUM Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Coffee and Tea Press

This vacuum-sealed device is both a tea and coffee maker. Being able to keep the drink hot for hours, this affordable, stylish Bodium coffee press certainly catches everyone’s attention.

Easy and Convenient to Use

This device is easily washable and also an ideal choice for making coffee in daily life. This is mainly because it contains a spill-resistant lid and is a hassle-free machine. Moreover, it comes in a variety of colors featuring a non-slip grip.

So, you may enjoy either tea or coffee according to your mood, anytime, without having to worry about carrying multiple machines with you.


  • Easy for daily use
  • Strong grip
  • Spill-resistant lid
  • Built-in plunger
  • Easily washable
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Brews both tea and coffee


  • Does not contain an extra lid
  • Can keep the drink up to multiple hours so the first few sips can be extra hot to drink

GSI Outdoors – Glacier Stainless Commuter JavaPress, French Press Coffee Mug

If you are a fan of hot coffee, then you might like this coffee maker because its double walled lid and stainless steel material can keep the coffee hot for up to 3 hours.

Easy to Operate

There are no special ways or instructions to use this device. All you have to do is to follow the diagrams, and you will be good to go. It works as a great outdoor portable device because of not being complex and messy.

No More Messy Coffee Making

It has a spill resistant top which means that no matter how you use your device, you will not make your clothes, car’s interior or your camp dirty. This GSI outdoors has a rubber base so that it will stay still and not fall or slide accidentally.


  • Vibrant colors
  • Chic urban design
  • Various cupholder sizes can fit in
  • Stainless steel used
  • Can keep coffee hot for 3 hours
  • Rubber base


  • The tank size is not big enough
  • Requires hot water

ESPRO 5116C-18BK Ultralight Coffee Press

This ultralight coffee press is a fascinating coffee maker that is an ideal choice for daily use. It is mainly because of its ability to keep the coffee warm or cold for multiple hours due to the vacuum-insulated body made up of stainless steel.

Leak-proof Lid

It has a leak-proof, which makes it safer to use and also saves the user from the messy procedures. Moreover, the micro-filters of this device are a lot finer than the usual French press.

Portability and Convenience

This device, being ultralight, comes at 16oz, which makes a lot easier to be carried around. Moreover, it has no difficult procedures to be followed in order to prepare a luscious cup of coffee. So, this device is quite easier to operate as well as to carry. Thus, it is quite helpful in traveling.


  • No complexities involved
  • Durable device
  • Keeps the drink hot or cold for multiple hours
  • Can fit in any traveling bag
  • Highly portable


  • No electricity or battery needed
  • Some people may find it longer to be carried around at 9.2” length.

Coleman Camping Coffee Maker

The Coleman camping coffee device is a decent option to make your vacations more enjoyable by getting a luscious coffee cup anytime at any place!

10-Cup Capacity

It suits really well if you are on a trip with your friends or family because of its large brewing capacity. Moreover, it has a steel base and can easily fit on camp stoves. Apart from the capacity, its removable filter basket also has the capability to fit 8-10 filters.

Pause Feature Comes in Handy

This device comes with its own glass carafe and has a pause feature in it, too. This means you can pour your coffee any time even before the brew gets completed.

Moreover, its large reservoir makes one enable to make coffee for more people at once. Or if you are alone, you can make enough for the whole day for yourself.


  • Large 10 cup capacity
  • Steel base that fits most 2 and 3 burner camp stoves
  • Pause and serve feature
  • Contains its own glass carafe
  • Removable filter basket


  • Needs a camp stove
  • Quite big in size for an easily portable coffee maker

Zerodis Travel Kettle for Tea & Coffee Making

This plastic body kettle does not get hot when you boil water either for tea or coffee in it. Furthermore, its non-toxic 1000ml storage makes it a decent choice for making drinks during traveling.

Specially Designed for Traveling

This machine has an ability to work on 12-volt power which makes it an appreciable cigarette lighter coffee maker for traveling. You have been through a 12 volt Keurig coffee maker which also has a stainless steel material like it, in the inner side. This quickly boils up the water within twenty minutes and also, keeps it hot for a longer time.

Auto Power Off Makes it Safe

The kettle not only turns the water boiling hot but also turns itself off when the water reaches the maximum hotness point. This feature makes this device super safe to be carried around while traveling.


  • Can serve up to 1 liter with a single boil
  • Easy-to-wash
  • Specially designed for traveling purposes
  • Works on 12-volt cigarette lighters
  • Made up of non-toxic substances


  • Size is quite bigger to be carried in a traveling bag
  • Cannot be kept in cars’ cup holders

AmoVee French Press Travel Coffee Press Mug

This AmoVee French Press is a stylish maker that comes with a 2 in 1 mug that has a 350 ml capacity and a lid which is highly spill-resistant. So, you would certainly not have to go through a messy process of coffee making and can enjoy your coffee without having to worry about heat or spill resistance. 

Ideal Device for Camping and Hiking

The size and weight of this coffee maker makes it a wonderful choice for hiking and traveling purposes. The food grade plastic used in its making not only makes it look nicer but also makes it a better heat resistant device through the silicone rubber installed in it.

Easy washing and cleaning of this coffee maker also makes it an appreciable addition in your traveling accessories.


  • Stylish Design for outdoor usage
  • Usage of high quality materials
  • Great taste coffee in lesser time
  • Can make both tea and coffee
  • Comes with a cup size of 350 ml


  • No electricity requirements
  • Do not have colors variety

STARESSO Portable Espresso Machine

This coffee maker is designed with great expertise and perfection for which it even won the Reddot Design Award. Furthermore, it is also known for creating a classic and attractive aroma along with a thick layer of cream over the coffee.

So, if you want to experience the exact taste of those Italian Cafes, you might want to get your hands upon this compact device. 

Use of BPA-free Materials

This device is made up of BPA-free materials which makes it durable and healthy to use. Moreover, the stainless steel used in its making makes it a sturdy device which has a capacity of about 80 ml.

Lightweight and Compact

This device is light in weight which is why, easy to carry it around while hiking or camping. It is also easy to wash which makes it more desirable for vacationing.


  • Perfectly Designed
  • Takes lesser space
  • Works manually
  • Appreciable for camping and hiking


  • Water tank is of 80 ml only
  • Hot water is required separately

Handpresso Auto Espresso Maker

This espresso maker can easily run on any vehicle’s 12 volt cigarette lighter and can make your travelling a lot more soothing and joyful.

Smaller Tank

With a 53 ml tank, it brews the coffee at 16 bar pressure within two minutes. The tank size is small than many other coffee makers but the smaller size makes it lightweight and portable for camping and hiking tours.

Comes with a Temperature Gauge

This device also contains a temperature gauge that lets the person know the exact temperature of coffee so that he may set it accordingly. It uses ESE pods for brewing and is very easy to wash and keep with you all the time.


  • Compact and Stylish Design
  • Easily fits in the cup holders
  • 16 bar pressure – flavorful extraction
  • Brewing completes within 2 minutes
  • Requires just 12 volt cigarette lighter to work


  • Contains no power plug for daily home or office usage
  • ESE pods are not easily available everywhere

Stanley Adventure All-In-One Boil + Brew French Press

Get a quick mesmerizing cup of coffee with this lightweight and compact machine. It is known to be a reliable and durable coffee maker that can boil and brew your coffee in one go.

Multi-functional Coffee Maker

This coffee maker is best known for its multi-functionality. It can not only brew your coffee perfectly but can also boil and cook it just the way you want. In addition to this, it’s ideal and stylish design makes it even more ideal for camping and traveling purposes.

Easy to Carry and Thermally Efficient

This device is very easy to pack and carry because of its size and fold-able handle. Moreover, its large capacity for making coffee and a melt resistant vented lid makes this device a good option for traveling.


  • Large capacity for coffee cups
  • Stylish design
  • Multi-functional
  • Stainless steel body
  • Highly durable


  • Requires more time to make coffee than other machines
  • Do not usually fit in cup holders due to large capacity

Conqueco Portable Espresso Maker

If a good flavorful dose of caffeine is all you are looking for, then this device may help you out. You certainly do not have to worry about getting coffee at any place you are at if you have this Conqueco espresso maker with you.

Self-Heating System

Apart from a 15 bar high-pressure pump and a single button operation, this coffee maker also has a self-heating system so that you never have to provide hot water externally to make a delicious cup of coffee anytime.

Convenient Car Coffee Maker

It is not only easy to use and clean but also, easy to carry, too. Its size and design enable you to keep it in your car holder and use it any time you want. Moreover, it also has home as well as a 12 volt car charger so no worries if you cannot find a proper plugin switch while traveling to charge up your device.

Fascinating Aroma

It takes up to 2.5 hours to get fully charged. After this, it makes perfect coffee cups with an amazing aroma. But one thing, one might need to keep in mind is that it is specifically designed for Original Line Nespresso and L’OR capsules so do not forget to keep them with yourself anywhere you go.


  • User-Friendly Design
  • Do not take much longer to charge
  • Fits in car holders easily
  • 200 ml drinking capacity in one go
  • Self-Heating System


  • Only Nespresso and L’OR capsules can be used
  • Needs to be kept with care when filled with water

Wacaco Minipresso GR, Portable Espresso Machine

With appreciable brew quality and perfect coffee extraction ability, this device is another fascinating traveling portable coffee maker that can surely enhance your vacationing experience.

No Power Supply Required

Like many other coffee makers, this one is also a manual device that can be used anywhere at any time without worrying about the charging and the batteries. Even without being electric, it allows you to make different coffee types so that you can enjoy various tastes and flavors.

Light in Weight and Compact

The tank size is about 50 ml but the quality of coffee makes it acceptable, too. It’s less weight makes it a highly portable and compact device with a total weight of 360 grams.

Just add your coffee grounds into the filter basket and level it. Make your coffee out of it using the piston and enjoy the amazing aromatic coffee drinking experience.


  • Contains a built-in espresso cup with scoop
  • Compact device
  • Very handy with a small length
  • Easy brewing
  • Useful in office


  • Tank size is only 50 ml
  • Extra accessories need to be bought separately

Barsetto Portable Coffee Maker Espresso Coffee Machine

With a stylish design and Italian looks, this machine has the capability to give you a traditional feel through its coffee making style. The inspiration of design of this Barsetto Coffee Maker has been taken by Pisa Tower which makes it much more innovative than others on the list. 

Make Coffee in Your Own Style

This coffee maker has a 2 in 1 feature of being compatible with both ground coffee and the coffee capsules. So, you can make your coffee exactly in the way you desire. Moreover, its 15 bar pressure enables you to make a delicious cup in less than 60 seconds.

Requires Hot Water

You need to add hot water into the coffee maker and press the piston to mix up the water into the coffee. Just doing this can get you a barista-style coffee anywhere with a perfect taste and aroma.

After that, all the parts can be separated and cleaned easily, and the machine is ready to be used again right away!


  • Gets you a coffee cup within a minute
  • No need for a power supply
  • Innovative design
  • Portable and Durable
  • Has an Insulated cup


  • Requires hot water
  • Serving size is small

Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

This coffee maker is known best for its compact style and design. It makes great flavorful espresso while being very easy to carry and use. Other than being handy, this device is extremely small as it weighs only 336 grams and has a length of about 6.14’’.

So, no one has to worry about keeping or carrying it with oneself as it can easily be adjusted anywhere.

Enjoy a Full-Flavored Coffee

You would not have to put a lot of pressure in making or extracting the coffee but still, 18 stable bar pressure is made during extraction which makes you enjoy your coffee to the fullest with complete taste and flavors.

Get Yourself Double Espresso Shots

You can buy additional accessories such as Barista Kit for capsules or NS adaptor in order to make double espresso shots. They can not only be made with great ease but also have a perfect espresso flavor each time, you make one.

Safe and Easy-to-Handle

Its heat-sink design protects the person from heat and also, comes with a filter basket and a brush which makes it really easy to be cleaned.


  • Lightweight
  • Very handy and portable
  • Heat-sink system
  • Easy-to-clean
  • No need of electric power supply
  • Get a perfect coffee on the go


  • Lack a large water tank
  • Needs hot water to work

Various Types of Portable Coffee Makers

Being a coffee addict, you are expected to have knowledge about the major types of coffee makers that are available in the market for touring or vacationing purposes.

  1. Drip Coffee Brewer (Automatic Drip Coffee Maker) – Most common type of traveling coffee maker that can brew multiple coffee cups at once
  2. Single Serve – A good choice if you are looking for a coffee maker just for yourself and are low on budget, too
  3. French Press – best way of getting traditional coffee with the same old taste and flavors without needing any power supply

How to Choose the Best Travel Coffee Maker?

You can find several products online and in markets from this category but how to know which one would be the best for you? Well, there might be some features you should have a look upon before buying a portable coffee maker for yourself.

Should be Easy to Carry

Considering the size before buying a traveling product is essential as it directly concerns with you having to carry it all around on your back if you are on a hike or similar vacation. Thus, make sure the size you are going to buy is acceptable and easy to carry everywhere.

Budget Friendliness

Do not spend more than you can afford. It is better to choose a machine that perfectly suits your requirements as well as your budget.

Power Supply Requirements

You must choose a coffee maker according to your traveling type. If you are a regular hiker or trekker then, manual coffee maker would suit you the best. Otherwise, some products are dc powered and use a 12 volt USB adapter to get charged which gives you an easy coffee-making experience while vacationing.

If you have no power supply issues, then you may also buy one of those devices that work at 24v, providing even more features than other low power working devices.

Our Final Word on the Best Portable Coffee Maker

Going on a vacation or a camping trip is always fun, however, if you are equipped with the best portable coffee maker during your outdoor expedition – it is always a plus!

In addition to the aforementioned features and characteristics, you should also have a thorough look upon the online reviews of these coffee makers to have a complete idea of the usability and performance of the device.

Whether or not you are an avid coffee lover, having access to a nice and hot cup of Joe while you are on the road, in the woods or any other outdoor destination becomes a necessity. These portable devices will certainly add a lot of value and fun to your overall trip!

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