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Best Low Acid Coffee Brands – Top 9 Picks Keep Your Upset Stomach Happy

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For coffee lovers absolutely nothing comes first in mind than a delightful cup of joe after waking up in the morning.

With zillions of options swirling around the market, you can easily pick your favorite one.

But does your favorite coffee give you heartburn or upset your stomach?

Well, you could blame the acidity of your coffee that is making it hard for you.

This is unfortunate. And you must find a path to sort it out, right?

Do not let yourself suffer again.

Because here we have come up with the solution; we have jotted down nine best low acid coffee brands of good quality that are filled with aromas and tastes.

So, jump right into it:

List of the Best Low Acid Coffee Brands

Comparison Chart

Puroast Low Acid Ground Coffee, Organic House Blend, High Antioxidant, 2.5 Pound Bag
2LB Subtle Earth Organic Coffee – Medium-Dark Roast – Whole Bean – Organic Arabica Coffee – (2 lb) Bag
Geisha Colombia Coffee, Whole Bean, Fresh Roasted, 16-ounce
Java Planet, Organic Coffee Beans, Colombian Single Origin, Low Acid, Gourmet Medium Dark Roast of Arabica Whole Bean Coffee, Certified Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Non GMO,1LB Bag
HealthWise Low Acid Coffee for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 100% Colombian Supremo, 12 Count
Mommee Coffee – Quarter Caf, Low Acid Coffee | Ground, Organic | Fair Trade, Water Processed – 11oz.
Simpatico Low Acid Coffee – Regular – Organic Dark – Ground (2 pound bag)
Tieman’s Fusion Coffee, Low Acid Dark Roast, Ground, 10-Ounce bag
Euromild Low Acid Ground Coffee DECAFFEINATED (14.1 OZ.)

Puroast Coffee – Best organic low acid coffee

Origin: Arabica

Beans: USA

The coffee ph level in the Puroast coffee is 5.81. The coffee is organic, gluten-free, kosher and calorie-free.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that this coffee offers plenty of health benefits, so you can live your life better.

It is the roasting method that makes this coffee more authenticate. The beans are roasted slowly using wood fires.

This method is solely encouraged by Venezuela’s coffee brewers.

Every bean is roasted thoroughly to ensure that they extract out the flavor from it while moving away extra oils and acids.

One great quality of this coffee that you will love is – it is rich in nutrients.

Unlike regular coffee, this coffee has antioxidants five times greater than normal ones; it also has green tea seven times greater.

So you can feel good about it without letting your stomach be upset anymore.

Puroast coffee can certainly be on your list when it comes to drinking a healthy cup of coffee.

The bottom line:

The slowly roasted coffee beans, the antioxidants, the taste – everything you are getting in one single pack, so why not giving the Puroast coffee a try?

The most important part is coffee acidic low nature.

What could be this better than a low acid coffee?

Café Don Pablo Subtle Earth Organic Gourmet Coffee

Origin: Honduras

Beans: Arabica

Subtle earth organic coffee’s greatest thing that you will love is – it is both eco-friendly and stomach-friendly.

Being an organic coffee, this coffee has a lower level of acidity.

These coffee beans are grown and harvested in Honduras’ steep mountains.

The beans get a proper atmosphere to grow which is rich in fresh air, pure soil and of course without pesticides.

Then these naturally grown coffee beans are collected carefully and shipped around the world.

Not to mention its fully-grown flavor that is enough to start a refreshing morning.

Its bitterness is compensated by adding a pint of honey, chocolate, and caramel as well – an awe-inspiring blend of sweet and strong.

All in all, Subtle Earth gives you a nice kick to begin your day with a happy stomach, all thanks to its low acid nature.

It is indeed a solution to people, suffering from serious bowel irritation and indigestion issues. It is also healthy for your teeth.

The bottom line:

When you are up for a gentler brew, better you try Subtle Earth.

It does not get any better than a gut-healthy cup of joe.

Volcanica Coffee, Geisha Coffee

Origin: Costa Rica, Ethiopia

Beans: Arabica

The name ‘Geisha’ has evolved from “Gesha” – a coffee from Ethiopia.

It has been a long time when the coffee beans were moved to Costa Rica’s abundant mountains.

And it has turned out something unbelievably good, the Geisha Coffee it is!

It is the strong nature of its flavor that sets it apart from other coffee brands. When you take its first sips, you will get a floral flavor in it.

Consequently, it will start to taste like cocoa, brown sugar and molasses. You might get a hint of tobacco as well.

Do not get carried away with the flavors coming from it. Because the greatest part is yet to come – and it is its low acid content.

This is one of the best options that anyone could consider starting a kick-start day with.

The complex notes of this coffee are in no way harmful for your gut.

Irritable bowel will no longer be your concern with a cup of Geisha coffee every morning.

What more could you ask for when you are getting exactly what your stomach needs?

The bottom line:

Being a low acid coffee, the flavor of the Geisha Coffee is fancier than other regular coffees.

And it is bowel-friendly.

Isn’t it enough to go for it?

You decide.

Java Planet – Colombian Organic Coffee Beans

Origin: Colombia

Beans: Arabica

Java Planet Coffee beans are harvested in Colombia’s wild forests, and they are grown in rich soil and unpolluted air – an ideal atmosphere for them to thrive.

This coffee, you can rest assured, is free from harsh chemicals, acids, toxins, and oils.

Speaking of its taste, its entire-body brew leaves you spellbound and you know there is no better taste!

And the low acid content – indeed a plus! It tastes more like spices, and nuts – none of them cause irritation in your stomach.

If you have been yearning to taste something different coming out of your comfort zone, it completely makes sense if you give Java Planet a shot.

The coffee you make with it is smoother than ever!

The bottom line:

If you are looking for a complete package of energy, flavor and obviously low content of acid, Java Planet is a great choice.

Do not let your stomach suffer more.

HealthWise Gourmet Low Acid Coffee

Origin: Colombia

Beans: Arabica

A completely unique roasting method, ‘Techno-Roasting’ is used to take the essence out of these coffee beans.

The method is approved by the FDA; probably this is the reason behind its success.

The process Techno-Roasting has its own sets of benefits to reap. It cuts off the bitterness and harshness of coffee beans while drawing the acid out of them.

When these coffee beans get brewed, you will notice a mild and mellow flavor coming out of it.

Another good thing about this roasting process is – it adds a boost to the nutrients present in the coffee beans.

These coffee beans are rich in minerals, antioxidants, and essential vitamins though, but with traditional methods of brewing, those nutrients are more likely to wear down.

Whereas, Techno-roasting work hard to get those nutrients right into your cup of java.

Special brewing methods are used not only by HealthWise, but a lot of companies do also use brewing techniques that are unique.

But it is the approval of FDA that bounds them to provide you what is best for your gut!

Having an FDA certification HealthWise is worth it!

The bottom line:

HealthWise Coffee is filled with essential nutrients that boost your energy and keep you healthy.

Mommee Coffee

Origin: USA

Beans: Arabica

Good news for moms-to-be!

Pregnant mommies get abandoned from drinking coffee even it is a decaf one; because it is the high content of acid that can cause heartburn and increased nausea.

Mommee Coffee is solely meant for mommies-to-be and is safe to consume as it does not cause heartburn or any sort of stomachache.

It comes in four different varieties with different levels of caffeine for all stages of pregnancy.

The coffee is fully organic. There are no chemical additives present in this coffee that could be harmful to both the mommy and her unborn child.

Due to the low content of acid, this coffee is the best option for pregnant women or people having bowel issues.

Unlike other regular coffee brands, this coffee has lesser chlorogenic acid.

Generally, the coffee beans are processed with water that reduces the acid content before getting packaged.

Good things take time and get you where you should be.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on Mommee Coffee right now!

The bottom line:

Mommee Coffee is something that is an ideal choice for pregnant mommies.

Do not let your physical condition change your drinking habit.

This coffee is at its best when it comes to its authentication and flavor.

Simpatico Low Acid Coffee

Origin: Mexico

Beans: Arabica

Are you in love with darker roasts when it comes to drinking coffee?

Well, we know dark roast coffees are rich in acid content.

But again there comes a big “NO” to high acid coffee as you are suffering from bowel issues.

What should you do in this situation? Let us introduce you to Simpatico Coffee, which has a very low content of acid but is filled with rich flavors.

The thing you will love about this coffee is that it does not let you suffer from your gut problems but at the same time let you enjoy every bit of flavors.

It is all possible because of its organic process harvesting. The coffee beans are grown in shades and devoid of chemicals.

These beans are imported from Oaxaca and Mexico and then transported to Simpatico.

To keep their freshness intact, they get roasted with due care in small batches. And the result is as amazing as Simpatico Low Acid Coffee.

It does not taste bitter or there is no sign of high acid content that could potentially cause you heartburn or something like that.

It blends in effortlessly in your body that you would not feel any irritation or aftereffect after drinking a cup of java.

The bottom line:

Being a dark-roast coffee, Simpatico Low Acid Coffee is filled with rich flavors and mellow aromas – a one-of-a-kind caffeine experience awaits you!

Tieman’s Fusion Low Acid Coffee

Origin: Guatemala, Columbia

Beans: Arabica

The Tieman’s fusion coffee beans are grown in South America. To make this coffee healthy, a little amount of goji berry powder is added.

As its name suggests, this coffee is nothing but a delicious alliance of green and red tea properties.

The rooibos red tea and matcha green tea are fused with berry powder and the result is the Tieman’s Fusion Coffee.

Its smooth texture and extra-light nature do not irritate your stomach and you can have it any time.

Or you can turn your dizzy winter morning into a wonderful one with this nice blend of coffee.

The pH of Coffee level of this coffee is just 5.85, making it a low acid coffee.

Many have found this coffee suitable for their gut problems as it does not make one feel uneasy.

Possibly a hybrid of both tea and coffee is not something you get to seek in the first place, but it is true that nothing can get as smoother and lighter than this coffee.

So it can definitely be a solution to all your gut problems.

The bottom line:

From anti-inflammatory berries to immune-boosting green tea, the Tieman’s Fusion low acid coffee has everything to make it up when it comes to your health.

Barely anything can beat its taste and you no longer have to worry about drinking it.

EuroMild Low Acid Coffee

Origin: Colombia

Beans: Arabica

The first thing you will notice about Euromild is its flavor.

As the name suggests, you can already guess that it is mild in nature but, the fun part is that it does not compromise with its flavors.

You must know that it is absolutely delicious in terms of its taste and flavor.

So you are in luck!

Being a king in the world of low acid coffees, Euromild is 99.5% less acidic than any other brands available on the market.

So, you can lay back and take sips from your cup of joe with zero worry and full satisfaction.

It soothes your heartburn and does not cause any irritation in the stomach.

Having Arabica beans imported from Colombia, which are used to make Euromild coffee.

The pure beans ensure that every time you get a smoother brew.

Despite its acid-free coffee nature, it does not taste like a watery beverage and with every sip, you can feel its rich flavor at its best.

Being a gentle drink, this coffee ought to have little to no acid content, which is the best thing!

What’s more? It is ground beforehand to match your convenience, leaving you tension-free as you will no longer have to worry about the beans.

Just let your espresso maker be ready and see the magic.

The bottom line:

Acid-free coffee is a myth! However, Euromild coffee is something you can rely on as it has a very little amount of acid.

Above are just some brands of low acid coffee – handpicked by our experts to help you pick your favorite one!

So, you could go for any of the above. Happy brewing!

Is Acid Free Coffee Worth It?

Every gourmet shopper is familiar with the term ‘acidity’ used by brands, selling coffee.

Did it ever occur to you when you find yourself thinking about what acid-free coffee means?

Is it even worth to switch your brand before knowing anything about how acid-free coffee is like?

So, we have done the job to make everything easier for you.

Things you ought to consider:

What is Coffee Acidity?

In many ways, the term ‘acidity’ can be described. Some describe it as tangy flavor; some use this word to describe the pH of coffee.

As you can see there is a difference.

When brands are talking about coffee acidity, what are they trying to say?

Suppose, a brand is showing you the percentage of acid content in their coffee, probably it is the coffee pH level that they are referring to.

When they are using terms like ‘non-acidic’ ‘mild’ brews, you are probably shown the flavors of their coffee.

What are Your Health Risks?

Coffee that is acidic is a bit harder than coffee that is non-acidic.

Especially when you are susceptible to diseases related to your bowel, the acid content present in your coffee happens to pile up in the stomach lining.

It is also about your teeth that remain under risk as the enamel of the teeth gets stripped away while letting cavities form with time.

So, now you are the one who will be deciding on whether or not to switch your coffee brand.

Deep Roast

Numerous are the health benefits of consuming dark coffee. It is the extensive roasting method which helps to reduce the acid content.

A compound called N-MethylPyridinium (NMP) is created at the time of roasting coffee.

This compound reduces the secretion of acid in the cells of the stomach.

This concept has been turned into an advantage by many coffee brands that emphasize keeping the acid content very little.

Cold Brew

Cold brewing helps coffee to minimize its acidity. Put your coffee beans into cold water to let them settle for a couple of hours. This will help them to pull out extra oils and acids.

What you get after that is a mild cup of your favorite joe with a little amount of acid. It gets way easier along with your stomach and believe it or not, you will not feel it heavy on your stomach. Perhaps, this process kills extra time and effort, but we would say that it is worth it!


If heartburn is your concern or maybe you want your morning cup of coffee a little less bitter, numerous are the reasons why you ought to go for best low acid coffee brands.

So why not give low acid coffee a shot? Taste it yourself and know the difference.   

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