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Best Home Coffee Roaster – When Coffee Aroma and Flavor is a Priority

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For the love of a perfect cup of Joe, turning raw coffee into aromatic coffee beans is something that you have to do. This process is known as ‘roasting’ and to do this, you need to have the best home coffee roaster with you.

Roasting the coffee yourself is not something too common as we are all part of a busy lifestyle. However, if you are a lover of great, delicious coffee and you are up to do anything that is needed to get the best taste out of your cup, then buying a home coffee roaster might just be the first step.

There are plenty of options out of which you can find your ideal home coffee roaster. In this guide, we will walk you through the best home coffee roasters that you can buy in the market today.

Editor’s Choice – LEUER Coffee Bean Roaster

There are some decent coffee roasters that we reviewed for this guide, however, the one that outperformed the rest was the LEUER coffee bean roaster. This product comes with a decent price tag with all of the basic features and has an anti-scalding, making it easy to handle.

This machine comes with automatic rotating rods and temperature control facility. It’s astonishing roasting capabilities makes this machine one of the better roasters available in the market today.

Best Coffee Roasters to Buy in 2021

Here is our list of the top coffee roasters that you should consider if you have made up your mind to roast your coffee beans at home:

Comparison Chart

LUEUR Electric Coffee Roaster Machine Coffee Bean Baker Roaster Household Coffee Bean Roasting Machine for Home Use 110V
Fresh Roast SR540
KALDI WIDE size (300g) Home Coffee Roaster Motorize Type Full Package Including Thermometer, Hopper, Probe Rod, Chaff Holder (Gas Burner Required)
Coffee Roaster Machine, 750g Electric Non-Stick Coffee Bean Roasting Machine for Househeld Coffe Shop Use -110V
KALDI Mini Size (200~250g) Home Coffee Roaster Including Thermometer -Gas Burner Required (Motorize with Sampler & Hopper)
NESCO 4818-12, Classic Roaster Oven with Porcelain Cookwell, Red, 18 quart, 1425 watts
Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster

LUEUR Electric Coffee Roaster Machine

This is a reliable coffee roaster machine which carries out good coffee roasts in an affordable price range. Furthermore, the non-stick chassis and the stirring rod in this device make it more handy and efficient.

Premium Build Quality

The design of this device is super convenient. It also contains a glass lid that helps you see the roasting process through four venting holes. This device’s shape makes it more palpable as that makes it easily blend with other kitchen utensils and accessories.

Moreover, this device is relatively easier to operate and that is mainly because of its handy design.

Controllable Temperature

Being able to adjust the temperature allows you to roast the beans according to your preferences. You may also shift the temperature if you are using other cereals in the roaster. The uniform heating and fascinating outlook of this device with a large baking area of 800 g makes it a professional device.

Roast Any Type of Beans

Due to its trendy and innovative design, you can bake other beans, dried fruits, barley, peanuts, or even popcorn. You do not have to worry about the safety issues because it contains a heat-resistant metal shell that makes this device a lot safer than the other ones.


  • Innovative Design with a Glass Lid
  • 800g large capacity
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Teflon Honeycomb base
  • Various other beans can also be baked
  • 1200 watt power system
  • Has anti-scalding handles on both side


  • May not carry out a perfect even roast if filled to the top
  • The smoke produced may be quite disturbing for the indoors

Fresh Roast SR540

This French Roast coffee roaster has the ability to carry out a fresh coffee roast of about 120 g at once. It also contains a front temperature display for convenient Roasting.

Adjustable Temperature Options

Many coffee lovers like their coffee to be super customized and have that specific taste and flavor they desire. For this reason, coffee roasts need to be perfect.

This coffee roaster has 9-way adjustable heat settings, which make you able to carry out that desirable perfect roast. The large capacity saves you from going through the same process every time you want coffee.

This device contains a knob that helps you set the temperature and the nine levels of fans.



The glass chamber, which has your beans inside, is present on the top of the product and is easily detachable for cleaning purposes. This machine would probably be a useful accessory for your kitchen and a great way of enhancing your coffee drinking experience.


  • 9 level fan and heat settings
  • Big knob to set up everything
  • Affordable price
  • 120 g coffee bean capacity
  • Real-time temperature display
  • Contains a glass chamber for easy handling
  • Easy-to-clean


  • Some may find this coffee bean capacity less
  • 120 v means for US markets only
  • Takes a bit longer to carry out the roasts as compared to stovetop coffee roasters

KALDI Wide Size Home Coffee Roaster

If you are looking for a motorized style coffee roaster that offers a large capacity roast at once, then KALDI might do the work for you. This is quite an expensive coffee roaster but is totally worth that price range because of the features offered by it.

Evenly Roasted Experience

The flame arrest mesh plate of this device has the capability to transfer the heat uniformly into the drum. It usually uses the flame from the respective gas burner for this purpose. This feature of it maintains a uniform temperature throughout the process, which can also be seen by the 250 C thermometer.

Furthermore, the drum rotates, too. This rotation and evenly distributed temperature carry out a perfect even roast.

Nothing to Be Bought Separately

This device contains all the required accessories so that you do not have to buy anything separately from the market. It has a stainless steel body, which makes the device more durable and handy. So, you may not have to face a loss of any component or need to buy any part soon from the market.

The manual touch availability on this device makes it perfect for home or commercial usage. Both electric and gas sources can be used to carry out a fully customized roast.


  • Stainless steel body
  • Convenient Design
  • 300 g large capacity
  • Easily detachable components for washing purposes
  • Includes all the required accessories
  • Carries out a perfect roast every time


  • You have to heat using the gas burner
  • Requires cleaning every time
  • Not an automatic machine

TOPCHANCES Coffee Bean Roaster Machine

This machine has many characteristics ad features that are similar to those of our top pick device. It has a cooking pot alike shape with a massive capacity of 750 g working at 1200 w of power.

Heat Resistance

A 4-vented glass lid is installed in this device with heat resistance. The rotation of the stirring system makes the heat transfer to every bean equally so that even roast can be carried out. TOPCHANCES Coffee Bean Roaster has a white shell design with handles for convenient and easy use.

Auto and Manual Temperature Control

Like the LUEUR coffee roaster, this machine also has a non-stick chassis from baking multiple other bean kinds at different temperature settings. It does have an auto temperature control, but you may set it manually, too, from 0 to 240 degrees according to your desire.


  • Installed Handles for efficient use
  • Non-stick chassis – easy cleaning and operation
  • Huge 750 g capacity
  • 4 – vent exhaust system in a glass lid
  • Can bake multiple bean types
  • Even baking and Roasting because of the auto revolving system
  • A good and conveniently sized product


  • Temperature only displays in Celsius
  • Roasts in a basic way only

KALDI Mini Size (200~250g) Home Coffee Roaster

This mini size KALDI roaster is a convenient, affordable, and a small coffee roaster having a sleek stainless design. It has a capacity of up to 250 grams and also has a built-in thermometer to let you know the on going’s roasting temperature.

Simple Coffee Roaster

This roaster works with a gas burner and is a good coffee roaster to be used in homes. It roasts the coffee quite quickly and renders good quality results every time. This product requires direct heating and is entirely eligible to fulfill your daily coffee requirements.

Durable and Handy

It has a stainless steel body that makes this machine durable. Moreover, its style makes the machine more handy and easy to operate. It also has a thermometer to keep a check on the temperature.


  • Comfortable handling of the raw coffee
  • Contains a thermometer
  • Provides an even motorized roast
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to clean
  • Stainless steel durable body
  • Perfect and safe for indoor usage


  • Gas heating might be quite inconvenient at some places
  • The package does not include a hopper and sampler
  • Do not come with a US power plug

Nesco Classic Roaster

Nesco Classic is an 18-quart coffee roaster with a total of 1425 watts of power. This small, efficient oven has the ability to roast your beans precisely as you like them to me. 

Portable Coffee Roaster

This machine has enough capacity to carry out a good coffee roast enough to fill up a good number of mugs. Still, it has a small size comparatively, which makes it easy to carry around with you for vacationing or camping.

It is safer to use, too, mainly due to its single-chrome steel rack that contains handles that makes it easy to insert and remove hot items.

All-in-One Roasting Machine

Everyone wants their beans to be perfectly cooked, giving the delicious desirable taste. Nesco Coffee Roaster can be a perfect choice for you to do coffee roasting right every single time.

Its automatic temperature control feature offers 200-450 F temperature maintenance. Along with it, this product also makes you able to slow cook, bake, roast, and even steam your food. With this machine, you get an all-in-one roaster experience that can do a lot more than just roasting your coffee.

Easy to Handle and Clean

Its easily detachable components make the cleaning of it pretty easier. It is easy to operate and allows you to do all of your roasting work without any mess or hassle.


  • A unique circular heating mechanism for great roasting results
  • A right choice for roasting stuff other than just coffee beans
  • Good portable device
  • Has an affordable price range
  • Easy to handle and ensures the safety


  • Do not contain a built-in timer
  • Might get burn marks if used for a longer duration

Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster

NUVO provides you a handy coffee roaster in an average price range. It is a stovetop roaster that allows you to carry out a proper roasting while not being heavier on your budget. Apart from that, it is built of a ceramic material having a reliable cowhide grip.

Light in Weight

The NUVO Eco Ceramic Coffee roaster carries out an efficient roasting of up to 70 grams of beans at once. It weighs as little as just 370 grams in total. This size is very innovative and convenient for indoor and outdoor usage. You can make up to three cups of roasted coffee in one go.

100% Ceramic Body

Its body is completely made up of ceramic, allows you to enjoy an odorless roasting experience while just being able to smell the roasted coffee beans’ joyful aroma. It is a nice handy tool for carrying out a mannered roasting by shaking.


  • An affordable product
  • 100% ceramic body
  • Cowhide grip handle
  • Never overheats even if you use it very frequently
  • Easy to handle
  • Not challenging to wash or clean
  • Can roast up to 3 cups at once


  • Easy to use in crowded places
  • Requires a proper heating source to work
  • You need to shake it while heating it
  • The handle is relatively short in size
  • Some might find the 70 g capacity less

How to Roast Coffee at Home? – Guide for 2021

Coffee roasting is not a complicated process, but it does need time and practice to get you familiar with it. Before buying a coffee roaster for yourself, it would be good to know how it’s done.

For roasting the coffee beans perfectly to make a delicious cup of coffee, you just got to follow the following simple steps.

Buy Unroasted Coffee Beans

The first thing you need to do a roast at home is to buy raw coffee beans from the nearby stores or online. But make sure to buy double the quantity you actually want as your roasted coffee. This is because the coffee beans lose half of their weight when they go through the roasting process.

Get the Appropriate Product

After buying the beans, the next step is to set up your coffee roaster. For a coffee roaster, it is essential to buy the one that suits you the best. That does not need to be specifically an expensive or a topnotch product. The coffee roaster that has the ability to serve your needs well would be the one best for you.

Let’s Begin With the Process

After you are done with the beans and equipment, just pour the beans into the roaster and start with the heating process. While the heating goes on, you will notice the change of color of the respective beans eventually from green to yellow and then to brown.

Once they turn brown, you may hear a sound similar to that of a popcorn popping.

Blow off the Chaff

Once the beans start to roast, the chaff would start appearing. You may simply blow it off from the top or from an appropriate place, depending upon the device you are using.

Stop Your Device When You See Dark Beans

Now, this is where the real reason for doing this whole process lies, which is to carry a roast according to your taste. Depending upon your preferences, you can stop the whole process at any moment. For instance, if you like your coffee to be dark or in Viennese style, you should carry the roasting for a bit longer.

You can stop the process according to how much caffeine or taste you would like to have in your coffee. But make sure not to let the beans turn black, or they will taste burnt.

Let the Beans Cool Down

Either using a metal strainer or a baking sheet, let the beans cool down. You may check them after a couple of hours if they’re cool enough to store or not. Otherwise, let them stay there for a little longer.

Brew the Beans

Once the beans are totally cooled down, you may store them in an airtight container. Remember not to keep the beans covered for more than a day because the container may explode due to the continuous release of carbon dioxide gas from the beans.

Another benefit of roasting your coffee beans at home is enjoying a flavorful, delicious cup of coffee every time. The newer the roast, the fresher the coffee will be. Caffeine’s amount in the coffee depends upon the color of the beans. The lighter the color, the more the caffeine.

It would be good to brew your coffee within the first five days of the roast. It is the time duration in which you can get the maximum freshness and aroma of your coffee.

Should You Roast Your Coffee at Home?

If you are an avid coffee lover, you would certainly want your coffee to taste perfect each time. For that, of course, you should roast your own coffee beans. Once you get used to the home-roasted coffee, you probably would never want to go back to those packed branded coffee roasts.

Roasting coffee is a very unique and useful idea as it allows you to achieve the exact same taste and coffee strength that you love!

Moreover, you get a fresh and aromatic coffee cup by roasting your own coffee beans at home. So, don’t keep yourself from drinking a fresh, flavorful coffee every day!

How Can You Achieve Different Flavors From a Coffee Roast

There are multiple ways to roast coffee beans. Different ways give different outputs and flavors from the roasted beans. You can roast beans through the air or you can also carry a drum roast with a drum coffee roaster, or roast on non-stick bases, etc. Each roast gives a different aroma, flavors, and taste. 

Apart from this, even the roast carried out on different temperatures renders different tastes. The right temperature depends upon your personal flavor preferences. Similarly, the total time duration of the coffee roast also dramatically affects the taste and that, too, you have to manage according to your likeness.

Make Flavorful Coffee Cups Joyfully in Affordable Price

The first thing you may find fascinating while roasting the beans would be the fun you will have doing it. Making a cup of coffee all by yourself without any help, just like a professional barista, would be such a joyful experience.

Moreover, homemade coffee will not only be good for your budget but for health, too. By doing it all at home, you would not have to get yourself into buying those branded chemically roasted beans. Also, not buying brands means lesser expenses for a delicious cup of coffee.

Apart from that, the freshness and taste of pre-roasted beans and newly roasted beans varies a lot. Once you start roasting coffee at home, there’s certainly no going back! But to achieve perfection, you need to own a personal coffee roaster that works perfectly and is super convenient to use.

Beans’ Origin

The place where the beans were produced also plays a vital role in the taste of your coffee. Some beans are from places that have a premium quality production style, while some are produced within basic old ways.

So, whether you want a modern premium taste or you like your coffee to be a traditional old classic one, it ultimately depends upon you. Moreover, different things merge to form a single cup of coffee. The right amount, right way, and the right order make coffee’s aroma perfect and taste delicious.


Is roast coffee at home worth it?

Roasting your coffee beans can be worth the time and effort for the ones who value freshness and flavor above everything else. Coffee stays fresh and flavorful for a week after roasting, so Roasting at home means you can always get to enjoy your coffee with its absolute freshness.

How do you select a coffee roast?

A darker roast is used to give coffee more flavors, so if you want to assess the nuances and enjoy different tastes of coffees, choose a lighter roast. Opt for a medium roast in case you want to preserve unique flavors. Medium roasted coffees are usually the best as they tend to preserve flavors best during brewing.

What does a coffee roaster machine do?

A hot-air coffee bean roaster forces the hot air through a screen underneath the coffee beans so that heat is absorbed completely. The roasted beans are then cooled down in a process termed as quenching. The cooled coffee beans are packed immediately in bags that allow for degassing. They are then ready to be sold.

Does roasting coffee beans remove caffeine?

During the Roasting of the beans, a coffee bean loses its mass. The lighter roasted coffee has more caffeine if you measure it with scoops. Probably because the beans are denser than a darker roast. However, if you weigh out the scoops, darker roasts will have more caffeine because there is less mass.

Our Final Thoughts on Home Coffee Roasting

After going through our guide, you do have the basic information that you need about home coffee roasting. Whether you buy stovetop roasters or a primary coffee bean roaster, make sure it fulfills your coffee demands the right way.

Furthermore, not only the product matters but the way you use it or carry out the roasts matters, too. So, make sure to do it with great care at the start. With time, you will get used to the process and will certainly start enjoying your coffee roasting as well as the coffee flavors.

Keeping all the factors into consideration, getting your hands on the best home coffee roaster does make a difference. Being a coffee addict, you should not wait any longer to buy one of these products and make your family members and friends a fan of your professional level barista skills!

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