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A Complete Guide to Moka Pot Coffee Brewing Tutorial

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Everyone loves coffee. Everyone is so addicted to coffee. That’s a fact.

But what’s the reason behind someone who is not addicted to it?

It’s true that if companies would become destitute their employees of having a coffee break, they would possibly go bankrupt.

On the other hand, it is way better to get addicted to coffee than to other beverages that can harm your system.

Okay, so as we are discussing coffee, there’s this specific tool for brewing that can give you the best coffee. That is the Moka Pot For Moka Pot coffee.

There are numerous ways on how you can brew your coffee. It can be in a kettle, in a drip machine, brewing it using a Bodum French press, and so on.

Even though there are lots of available coffee that you can see everywhere in your street, nothing can defeat the rich taste of a home-brewed coffee – plus it is healthier compared to ready-to-drink coffees.

For your health’s safety, prevent yourself from buying coffees at the coffee machine because you don’t know what kind of substances it does have.

If you don’t have any idea about this Moka Pot, you have been missing out. Grab now a Moka Pot because we will teach you how to make a to-die-for coffee.

But wait, what is a Moka Pot Coffee first? And how to use a Moka pot?

Moka Pot: What Is It and How It Works?

In 1933, the Moka Pot was acquired by the Italian inventor Luigi de Ponti.

The design of this Moka Pot has not changed up to now.

If you are still don’t have the idea what Moka Pot is, and how to use a Moka Pot, you better keep reading. Moka Pot is a kind of coffee maker that is from aluminum.

Then, you put the Moka Pot coffee maker on the stove, and once the water reached its boiling point, it will go through the coffee ground and pass by.

The three essential components of Moka Pot are:

  • Boiler – which is the part that is lying flatly on the flame
  • Coffee basket – it is placed after the boiler component
  • Collecting chamber – this component is placed on the highest level and usually enclosed with a cover or lid

Working on a basic physics: the steam’s pressure inserts the boiling water to pass through the coffee grounds, then the process will repeat itself until there’s a brewed coffee to collect. Plain and easy.

Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Make a Pot of Coffee Using a Moka Pot

So, when Superman fly to the limit of the world and be back again within a second, he certainly drinks coffee first.

Okay then, let’s proceed to the step-by-step tutorial on how to make coffee in a pot.

STEP 1: Get enough water and boil it, after that fill up the bottom container

Filling the bottom tank with water that is already hot doesn’t make the coffee bitter that much, which is a repeating criticism about using a mocha pot when brewing.

Furthermore, using already hot water makes the brewing quicker because you don’t have to wait to reach the proper temperature to start the brewery.

Pro Tip: You can see a pressure valve locating on the boiler’s side. Don’t fill the container over the lid because it will maneuver the pressure.

STEP 2: Start grinding the beans

When grinding make sure that the size of the ground will fit the basket’s filter. It should not be too coarse or too fine because it will clog through the filter.

Making sure that the grind you are using is perfectly fit in the screen, the pot will function evenly.

Pro Tip: There are lots of people that put too much coffee in the basket. Don’t be one of them.

The more coffee you set, the more significant pressure will be needed. It will make the pot blow on the stove.

STEP 3: Clean the edges of the filter and tighten the Moka Pot

Putting the ground coffee in the basket will sometimes lead to falling on the place. When this happens, use your finger to wipe off the edges.

You won’t be needing any handkerchief or a towel. If you ignore the fallen grounds, the pot will not screw properly.

Pro Tip: Not screwing the pot may result in water leaks – even coffee will leak in the middle of the brewing process. Always be sure that you screw your Moka pot coffee as tightly as you can to avoid this kind of incidents.

STEP 4: Put the Moka Pot on the stove and enjoy your Moka coffee

Do not put your Moka Pot on the highest level of heat. It can decrease the amount of coffee that will go through in the collecting chamber, and more coffee will go on the stove. It is advisable to set your level of heat from low up to medium only.

Another thing you need to make sure is to put the pot on the edges of your stove and be sure that the pressure valve is heading in the opposite direction from yourself.

STEP 5: Remove your Moka Pot espresso from the stove

You can take away the Moka Pot from your oven when you see that the collecting chamber is near to overflowing.

To be able to stop the brewing, you can place it on a cold thing such as a cold towel and blade of the knife. If you fail to stop the brewing process, your coffee will have a bitter taste.

STEP 6: Pour your espresso in cups

Coffees brewed using a Moka Pot is somewhat, so if you wish to add some water or milk to ease the strong taste, you can do so.

However, many people tend to like a strong feeling of coffee but if you cannot take its flavor, adding milk can do the magic.

Since you now knew that it’s powerful when it comes to taste, and next time you do your Moka espresso, decrease the number of grounds for a weaker beverage.

Choosing the Best Moka Pot

Moka pot espresso is available in different sizes. You must confirm how much you and your family need a coffee before purchasing the coffee maker. For example, there are Moka Pots that are for brewing 6 cups of coffee.

Purchasing the appropriate size of pot can help you to determine easier how much quantity you will put in the basket so you can prevent yourself from excess filling.

There’s this Moka Pot that made out of stainless steel, and you better settle on this one.

Having this stainless steel Moka Pot will prolong the usage, and it can deal with heat better than the aluminum one.

Before you make any purchase of this Moka Pots, do some research online to know which model is suitable for you – We have already done this part for you. Check it out to identify the best Moka Pots.

It’s up to you which material and what size you will buy. Discover it yourself.

Purchasing a model that has been created by original and authentic manufacturers will guarantee that your money is worth the quality and not getting the fake Moka Pots that will break easily after several uses.

Cleaning the Moka Pot

Before you hold the pot, make sure that it is already warm or cold. It might get your hand burn if you don’t let it cool down.

The pot is very easy to clean and maintain. Never use a soap or dishwashing liquids because it will affect the quality of the aluminum.

First, the pot needs to disassemble. Then, take away the grounds and wash every component carefully. Dry off the container by using a towel. Reassemble it. It’s as easy as it is.

Be sure to dry off each component thoroughly. Even though aluminum doesn’t rust, it erodes. Well, it’s not dangerous, but it would result in an extremely unpleasant color of the pot.  To make the drying process quicker, you can use hand-dryer or blow-dryer.

Safety Precautions

With the improper use of Moka Pot, it can blow up and its very dangerous. To avoid this kind of situation, don’t cover up the valve.

Make sure that you pay attention to it carefully. Know that the maximum level of water you can put in it is only below the lid.

Next, do not overfill the pot with grounds of coffee. Compressing the coffee is not advisable as well and can also end up to explosion because of the additional requirement of pressure.

Make sure that you screw the pot tightly and adequately to avoid any leakage. When this leak happens, take away the Moka Pot immediately from the heat.

Look around if it sealed properly. And if you see that it is not the primary cause, also check the funnel and look for grounds that clogged.

Making Different Types of Coffee Using Moka Pot


Espresso refers to one of the most strong coffee that typically comes without the help of sweetener. It aims to give you energy through its strong taste.

A lot of people doesn’t like this espresso because it has an overpowering taste of bitterness and it is too strong.

However, it is healthier than other coffee especially the sweetened one.

Making an espresso using a Mocha Pot is very simple and easy. You pour your brewed Moka coffee in your cup and drink. You don’t need to add any substance for additional flavor.

Irish Coffee

This coffee is delicious. No more no less. Period.

To make an Irish coffee using a Moka Pot, first brew a Moka coffee then transfer it on a cold glass container. Next, add a two tablespoons of heated water for dilution and put an Irish whiskey and a little bit of brown sugar.

Stir it with a spoon for a smooth taste of your coffee and ends it by adding whipped cream as a topping. Do not mix the whipped cream with coffee. To achieve this, use whipped cream in spray form.


If you are not a fan of the strong taste of espresso, this is for you. This Americano is also an espresso but with a little amount of water or milk added to it.


To make a cup of mocha pot, mix the cocoa powder and milk, then you can add it directly to your brewed coffee. Mocha is perfect for every winter season with a blanket that covers your entire body and a book in your hand.

If cinnamon works well for you, they might as well add it to your mocha for additional flavor.

Flavored Latte

Okay, everyone knows what a latte is, but for who don’t, well, a latte is a coffee with added milk in it. Nevertheless, if you want to make it flavorful, you can add some cinnamon too. Other options are peppermint oil, vanilla extract, or coconut milk.

You can add anything you want in your coffee as long as you think it will give you a delicious taste of coffee. Others put butter and eggs in their coffee, beat that!

Final Verdict

Moka Pot is the best alternative for people who cannot afford to buy coffee makers that are expensive.

It’s straightforward to use, and you can operate it without having to read the entire manual. You don’t need a fancy coffee maker if you think that it creates a better coffee, it works the same.

Having a Moka Pot has numerous benefits on your part. It’s not costly, you can clean it quickly, and you can find it on most market and coffee shops – you can also see it online.

Make sure to follow the guidelines stated in this article especially the safety precaution part to avoid incidents that will cause you harm.

We hope that as you complete reading this Moka Pot review article, you will realize that you don’t need an expensive coffee maker to make a great coffee. High-end coffee makers need to maintain regularly, and it can cost you a lot of money.

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