The Pod K-cup Single Serve Keurig K55 Coffee Maker

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If currently thinking about acquiring a coffee machine with a single cup, then Keurig K55 coffee maker is the right machine for you.

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We researched and carried out hundreds of tests with different models in order to come up with the perfect single serve machine and declared the Keurig K55 as the finest of all the coffee makers with a single serve.

So, are you ready to go through with the complete Keurig k55 review of Keurig k55 manual?

This means that this machine is easy and convenient to use, worth the money and makes good tasting coffee.

Continue reading and discover the following:

  • Properties of this Single Serve coffee maker
  • How properly does this coffee maker function
  • Merits of this Single Serve coffee maker
  • Limitations of the Single Serve this coffee maker
  • How to utilize your machine to the maximum
  • Who should buy this coffee maker
  • Who shouldn’t buy this coffee maker
  • Conclusion

Properties of Keurig K55 Single Serve coffee maker

Explore the numerous varieties pods of Keurig cup including all your favorite brands such as Lipton and Starbucks, the coffee of Green mountain and drink in hot cocoa, tea, coffee and many more.

This coffee maker is a pod machine implying that the machine is extremely easy and also convenient to operate.

Easily put your selected pop of K-cup and you are good to get started. If you desire to make coffee from fresh grounds, you can buy a recyclable pod of K-cup then fill it using your personal coffee ground in order to produce an even amazing all round flavor.

The Other Amazing Properties of the Keurig K55 Machine Include:

  • Brews in less than a minute: it is, therefore, excellent when you are in a rush.
  • Auto-off property: This feature is activated so that in case you leave your machine turned on, it will automatically switch off after about two hours thus economize on your power and money.
  • A drip tray detachable: This property has two important functions. One function is that it simplifies the process of cleaning this drip tray. Additionally, you have the option of selecting a cup size that is larger than standard cups through detaching this drip tray. The other function is that you can double up the pods so as to get a long drink.
  • The option of various brew sizes: These brew sizes include 10oz, 8oz and 6oz.This simply implies that you can select the cup size that corresponds with your taste. If for instance, you like strong coffee, you can select the 6oz cup while if you prefer weaker coffee you can select the Keurig 8oz button cup size and so on.
  • Huge water reservoir that holds a water capacity of 480oz: This simply implies that constant refilling of the tank between cups is not necessary. The tank is additionally removable thus making filling the tank quite simple and fast.

Things that Come with Keurig K55 Machine

The following items are included in purchasing the machine:

  • The machine
  • Instructions manual
  • Four Keurig cup pods
  • A standard one year warranty
  • One water filter with handle
  • 2 water filters

Optional Benefits of Keurig K55

On top of the items mentioned above, you can also get the following optional benefits on purchasing the machine:

  • A prolonged warranty of 3 to 4 years at an additional considerate price.
  • Stainless steel Keurig Travel mug that will enable you to drink your coffee while you are on the move.
  • A storage drawer: The Keurig drawer is dualistic and holds up to 35 pods of K-cup.
  • Keurig K55 reusable filter: Like we previously stated, this filter enables you to place your personal newly ground coffee into this machine.

How properly does this coffee maker function?

This coffee maker is extremely simple to operate.

Easily insert the K-cup pod and select your size. Push a button of the cup size you have selected and you are officially set to go!

Additionally, you can simply switch its Auto-off property off and on by touching the button once. On completing setting it once, you no longer need to keep repeating it each and every time that you are using the machine since the machine automatically saves it.

One thing that made us really thrilled about the machine is its ability to brew various drinks moving from tea to coffee and vice versa without necessarily cleaning this machine in the process since no recurring flavor of the drink that was previously brewed remains.

Merits of Keurig K55 Single Serve Coffee Maker

Why should you select this machine over other models in the market? Because:

  • It is convenient and easy to operate.
  • The machine operates quietly.
  • It’s worth the money since it costs like $100.
  • It’s fast and consistent.
  • The machine design is amazing and is available in a variety of colors.

Limitations of Keurig K55 Single Serve Coffee Maker

There aren’t many things that we disliked about this machine. The things we disliked include:

  • If you prefer an Americano, this machine’s largest size happens to be small on the little size.
  • When brewing, the machine splatters a little.

We realize that the limitations are honestly not a big deal if compared to this machine’s merits. However, if a strong and large coffee cup is crucial to you, keep these limitations in your mind.

How to utilize your Keurig K55 to the Maximum

  • Ensure that you descale the machine frequently.
  • Ensure that you utilize the filter provided or use filtered water.
  • Clean the machine frequently and thoroughly.
  • Use coffee of good quality.
  • Go through the instructions manual and use them as the manufacturer has prescribed them.

Despite the fact that the manufacturer states that the machine is compatible only with the pods of K-cup, many pods fit in this machine thus saving you the trouble of purchasing expensive pods.

However, keep in mind that your warranty will not cover you if a problem arises in the machine when using the pods that are not recommended. So, don’t forget to go through the Keurig k55 manual.

Who should Buy Keurig K55?

The machine is suitable for any person interested in a machine that always makes amazing coffee and easy to operate.

Who shouldn’t Keurig K55?

Just like all the other pod machines, this machine is not for any person who prefers home-style coffee. This is because, despite the fact that its coffee tastes well, its taste isn’t similar to the daily star buck’s coffee.

Particularly, this machine is not suitable for any person who enjoys a large coffee mug except you will persevere running through two pods in one cup.


Generally, for its ease to operate and price, you won’t come across a machine better than this Keurig K55 coffee maker. It’s assured that fast brewing and a single touch will solve any problem with the machine.

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