Ten-Minutes Procedure of How to Clean your Espresso Machine

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What’s more relaxing than taking a cup of infused coffee that too made with an espresso machine? Probably nothing.

Though it is easy to make a cup of coffee with a maker, it’s however, difficult to clean an espresso machine, and especially, when you’ve just bought it for the first time the day before you made that magically energetic potion for reducing your stress level.

Well, if you don’t want to create a mess, then you need to be extra careful in cleaning a machine, which by the way, doesn’t take lots of your time if you follow my guidelines.

Only in ten minutes, you will be done espresso machine cleaning as if you just bought it today. So, let’s start with my six-step complete procedure that can save your time.

clean Espresso Machine

Six steps to clean your espresso maker

1. Unscrew the basket along with the filter

Do you know how to clean the espresso filter basket? How important is it to make them dirt-free? Well, you need to make sure these parts of the maker are free from used coffee grounds and oil because it usually happens, and if they stuck for a long time, then the espresso machine will stop functioning well in the end. Moreover, it will also give you the bitter taste of the coffee.

Please, never use the dishwasher, and wash out both (basket and the filter) with the hot water and with extra care. It’s your choice whether you want to dry the maker by using a paper towel, or you can leave them for a while to dry on themselves.

2. Start cleaning the gasket (or seal)

It works as a link between the two essential parts (basket and the filter) and the rest of the machine. Once you unbolted those components from each other, then you can eliminate the powdered grounds that stuck in it.

Always remember the coffee grounds may decrease the quality and performance of your espresso maker, so never take its maintenance lightly. Take any small silicone brush for a cleaning purpose, and rotate it around the indentations in the seal. You can also use a clean towel. After the removal of all the detritus, you only need to push the button on the maker that runs water through the seal, because it will dissolve the remaining particles.

3. You need to detach the little sieve

Remove the small sieve out that held in place with a screw, take your cleaning brush, and start wiping the inner side of it. It will be a wise step if you run some hot water so that the tiniest particle of grounds remove.

4. Put all the things together as it was before

Well, after cleaning and drying out all the parts of the machine that includes basket, filter, and the sieve, you need to screw them back. Please, don’t start making coffee immediately, and wait for a few minutes.

Now, turn on the maker, and let it pass the water for less than half a minute so that not even a small piece of dirt will present there. Then, turn the water off.

5. Sterile the steam wand

Okay, it is an unambiguous step, but it is as essential as the rest. If you don’t clean or sterile the steam wand, then the milk residue will change the overall taste of the coffee.

Turn on the steam wand for a few moments, clean it out with a dry towel, and that’s it. The last step is optional, but if you want to increase the life duration of your espresso machine, then it’s a must-to-do task.

6. Clean and dry the entire machine with a towel

It is not an effortless task to keep the maintenance of your machine, but it’s not very ambiguous, too. Your job is to clean not only a few parts of the coffee maker but also the complete espresso machine regularly. You will maintain it for years, and now, you know how to clean an espresso machine, so you won’t face any trouble doing so.

Usually, people don’t bother about the maintenance of their espresso maker and clean it with zero to no interest, which leads to the bad performance of the machine. If you want to enjoy the energetic cup of coffee, then make sure to keep your maker clean and tidy.

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