Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker Review

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We have recently been dedicated to performing some tests to coffee machines with a single serve. Our objective is to give you fair-minded advice on the available choices out there so as to assist you to reach an enlightened decision concerning the machine that is perfectly suitable for you.

Obviously, we couldn’t analyze coffee machines and not consider a machine by Nespresso. We carried tests on their latest product, this Nespresso Pixie reviews in order to rate how it is performing as compared to other models that are leading in the market.

So, here is the complete Nespresso pixie espresso maker review.

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  • Properties of this coffee maker
  • How properly does this coffee maker function
  • Merits of this coffee maker
  • Limitations of this coffee maker
  • How to utilize your machine to the maximum
  • Who should buy this coffee maker
  • Who shouldn’t buy this coffee maker
  • Conclusion

Properties of Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker

The pixie coffee maker by Nespresso provides an innovative design with functionality and magnificence. Outfitted with various advanced properties, the Nespresso Pixie espresso maker is power effective with an amazingly compressed design.

This pixie machine is inclusive of all the basic Nespresso properties. If you have had a chance to use a Nespresso earlier, you will definitely recognize this Pixie’s technology. However, if you haven’t, have a look at these fabulous properties:

  • Two sizes: lungo and espresso
  • Huge water tank: It has a tank that is detachable for easy refilling and cleaning with a water holding capacity of 240z.
  • LED indicators: These indicators display if the tank is completely empty. Likewise, the machine’s buttons are backlit thus making it simpler to clearly recognize the buttons which minimize the chances of striking the unintended button.
  • Automatic power off function: This coffee maker will turn off automatically in the next 9 minutes after being used.
  • Programmable settings: This enables you to adjust the settings by improving your experience so as to appropriately match with your preferred taste.
  • Drip tray: It has a drip tray that folds thus letting you select the ultimate position that is suitable for the coffee cup you intend to use.
  • 19 bar pressure pump: The pump has a high pressure ensuring that the machine’s brewing process will be correct for perfect extraction thus leading to a passionate flavor and guarantees correct consistency of the crema.
  • Recycled capsule container: The machine has an inbuilt recycled capsule container that holds approximately 10 capsules thus ensuring you don’t need to be frequently behind your bin and machine.
  • Thermoblock heating mechanization: The Nespresso Pixie espresso maker heating system ensures that the water is heated 25 to 30 minutes after turning on the machine.

Things That Come With Nespresso Pixie Nespresso Maker

The following items are included as the Nespresso welcome pack on purchasing the machine:

  • The machine
  • Instructions manual
  • A standard one year warranty
  • Information folder
  • An appreciation package that contains 16 Grands of Nespresso Crus capsules: With this, you can taste the various varieties of coffee available and select your favorite that you will be buying.

On top of the items mentioned above, you can also get the following optional benefit on purchasing the machine:

  • A prolonged warranty of 3 to 4 years at an additional considerate price.

How properly does this Pixie Nespresso coffee maker function?

  • This condensed small machine is conveniently easy to operate. Its capsules are simple enough to retract and insert.
  • Reprogramming the machine’s buttons happens to be an extremely simple process and it is user-friendly by even allowing you to choose and save your personal preferences.
  • In order to make coffee, insert the Nespresso Pixie capsules and select whether you need a pretty longer drink (lungo) or an intense coffee shot (espresso) and then in order to taste add sugar and milk.
  • The tank rapidly heats up providing a steady, hot enough stream. This machine’s pump doesn’t have an impact on the coffee’s body.

Merits of Nespresso Pixie espresso Coffee Maker

Some reasons which should make you consider Nespresso Pixie expresso coffee maker over other models in the market include:

  • Produces amazing tasting coffee
  • Fast brewing
  • Programmable to adjust your personal taste preference settings.
  • Properly made and not with cheap plastic material.
  • Opportunity to associate with Nespresso club: On associating with the club, you gain the chance of ordering capsules from Nespresso directly and also access their technical support and personalized guidance about your machine. Additionally, you can utilize their service of capsule recycling.

Limitations of Nespresso Pixie

Some limitations of selecting the Pixie machine over other models in the market include:

  • It’s not appealing! (Apologies Nespresso!)
  • Despite being sturdy and properly made, the machine is a little expensive than similar models in the market.
  • To use the Pixie Nespresso machine, you must have Nespresso Pixie capsules. Therefore, if you are not a fan of their blends you will not be impressed with this machine not forgetting the fact that their capsules are super expensive costing up to 70 cents per cup.

How to Utilize Your Nespresso Pixie to the Maximum

  • Make sure that you clean the machine efficiently and frequently.
  • Descale your machine frequently
  • Clean the machine frequently and thoroughly.
  • Always adhere to manufacturer’s instructions
  • Use appropriate capsules
  • A little extra tip to any Americano drinker: Choose Espresso setting then brew your coffee. Then precede brewing espressos without altering the capsule so as to extract plain water using the currently empty capsule. Redo the process till you attain the volume that you need.

Who Should Buy this Nespresso Pixie Coffee Maker?

Nespresso Pixie coffee machine is suitable for any person interested in a capsule machine that has a wide variety of flavors.

The range of Nespresso capsule is magnificent and has something that fits every taste.

This machine’s fast brewing feature makes it suitable for families since waiting around amidst cups is not involved.

Who Shouldn’t Buy this Coffee Maker?

If you are not a fan of Nespresso products, stay away from this machine since you will be obliged to use their products on buying this machine.

Despite having amazing features, this machine doesn’t guarantee its price tag so stay away from it if you are running on a limited budget.

Conclusion of Nespresso Pixie

Nespresso Pixie espresso maker machine, the newest coffee maker member of the Nespresso family, will be a perfect fit for limited spaces since it is little and compact.

It functions properly and provides a wide range of flavors and brews. A good choice!

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