Nespresso Lattissima Pro Review

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The ultimate coffee maker, the Nespresso Lattissima Pro Next, is a sophisticated machine with an elegant design and operation. The first thing you notice may be the steep price, but as you get to know the machine’s features, the price tag starts to make sense.

The coffee maker’s sleek and robust design makes it an excellent addition to any stylish kitchen or office. The compact size, high-quality and durable material, with the brushed aluminum finish, gives the coffee maker a modern look.

The innovative touchscreen display lets you operate the machine with minimal effort and choose from several brewing options. The machine will heat up in 25 seconds for coffee and 40 seconds for milk. The inbuilt milk frother prepares your drink very easily. Moreover, cleaning the machine is a breeze.

The package includes a selection of capsule samples, a water spout, and a water hardness testing kit.


  • Features an easy-to-use touchscreen display.
  • Built-in milk frother.
  • Rich and creamy coffee with a 19-bar pressure.
  • Fast one-touch drinks.
  • Multiple drink types and sizes.


  • Relatively high price.
  • One-color option.
  • Short chord.
  • Doesn’t support coffee mugs.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Coffee Maker

Everyone has a different taste. Some people want to feel like a real barista by making their coffee mostly on their own. Others prefer to have their coffee ready with minimal effort and at the highest speed.

Which type are you? Are you just about the espresso, or do you like the occasional latte and cappuccino? The answer helps you decide whether you need a milk frother or not.

Next, consider the pressure pump of the machine. Nine pumps are the minimum, and the higher you go, the better coffee taste you get.

Do you like to use your own coffee beans, or are you ok with using coffee pods? How much space can you dedicate to the machine? Do you mind spending a bit on the coffee maker, or do you have a small budget?

Why You Should Consider Nespresso Lattissima Pro


The Nespresso Lattissima Pro has a compact and stylish overall design. This machine only comes in one color, but the combination of black and metallic gray makes it perfect for any modern kitchen or office.

The exterior components are made of anodized aluminum, giving the coffee maker a higher quality look. The stainless steel, durable materials, and simplistic design add a clean and sturdy finish to the Lattissima Pro.

The touch screen LCD makes the machine look even more advanced and elegant.

This machine has a chromed metal drip tray and a foldable drop-down tray that supports smaller espresso cups. The drip tray has a built-in light that makes it easy for you to place your cup under the spout without having to turn on the kitchen lights.

The water reservoir is located at the back of the machine, so it doesn’t take away from the coffee machine’s beauty.

There’s also an internal compartment that serves as a pod bin.

The only flaw in the machine’s design is the short cable. The 45cm long cable makes it hard to position the device where you want. It may also cause some trouble with detaching the water compartment or refilling it. However, if you manage to find a place for the machine next to a socket, you can hide the remaining cable underneath the machine.

Touchscreen Menu

The digital touch-based display is a unique feature that only comes with the Pro coffee maker in the Lattissima line. Other Lattissima products have manual push-buttons. The touchscreen control pad lets you choose your preferred language, drink size and type, and scroll through different settings.

It also provides useful information to guide you through the process. For example, a “heating up” message pops up before use, and the machine reminds you to put the milk container back in the fridge after its work is over.

You can customize your drinks through the touchscreen LCD. Adjusting the coffee, water, and milk portions is pretty easy, and the machine will remember your custom settings for future drinks. You can reset the device to the factory defaults anytime you want.

Ease of Use

The Nespresso Lattissima Pro is thoughtfully designed to make a complicated process straightforward.

Making your favorite cup of coffee is very simple. You just have to switch on the machine, open the lid and insert a coffee pod, close the lever, and attach the milk carafe. Place your cup underneath the coffee spout and move the milk spout to point it at the cup. Then, choose your drink through the touchscreen display, and you’re done.

The machine’s thermoblock heats the coffee in as little as 25 seconds, and the milk takes 40 seconds to warm up.

Compared to the machine’s small size, the water tank’s capacity is pretty generous, and you won’t have to refill it often. You can fill the container while attached to the machine or remove it.

The machine removes the pods automatically after each use and puts them in the pod bin, saving you the trouble of doing so. The compartment can contain 13 pods before you have to empty it.

Built-In Milk Frother

If you like your coffee with some milk, and you’re a fan of cappuccino or latte, the built-in milk frother can come in pretty handy. Unlike most other Nespresso coffee machines that come with separate milk frothers, the Lattissima Pro prepares your drink at the touch of a button.

The unit is removable. So, it can go in the fridge and slide into place easily for each use. There’s a knob on top of the frother that lets you boost the foam density.

The manual suggests using skim milk for the perfect foam, but whole milk, 2 percent milk, almond milk, and even heavy cream can give you a satisfying result.

The milk unit’s design doesn’t let the milk come in contact with the machine itself. It’s also completely dishwasher-safe.

Once the milk frother’s work is over, the machine will automatically clean the milk system to ensure dried milk doesn’t block the device after a while. Then, it reminds you to put the milk back inside the fridge!

Coffee Taste and Quality

You’d be wrong to assume that a coffee capsule would taste the same regardless of the coffee maker. The water temperature, flow rate, and pressure can make a massive difference in the final results.

The Lattissima Pro uses a 19-bar pump system, which is way stronger than most machines, to extract the best delicate flavor and create a rich taste with premium aroma and creamy mouthfeel.

The perfect amount of coffee in each capsule and the right amount of water and milk from the machine in each recipe gets your coffee right every time.

Different Cup Sizes

The Lattissima Pro offers seven different drink options:

  • Ristretto.
  • Espresso.
  • Lungo.
  • Cappuccino.
  • Latte.
  • Macchiato.
  • Warm milk.
  • Hot water.

This machine can’t produce coffee in big volumes. So, if you like a travel mug full of coffee, the Lattissima isn’t the way to go.

A Wide Range of Signature Coffees

Nespresso coffee capsules come in more than 21 different variations of roasts and flavors. There are caffeinated and decaf varieties, from medium to dark roasts. They even include variations of vanilla, chocolate, and caramel flavored blends.

The capsule prices are a bit steep compared to when you buy your own coffee beans, but their material and design protect the freshness and taste of coffee grounds. All in all, using the capsules will still save you money if you get your coffee at Starbucks or a local coffee shop.

Space Saving

The Lattissima Pro is an impressively small coffee machine considering all the features. It can do what the bulky coffee makers can do, and yet It’s 19.4cm wide, 33.2cm deep, and 37.4cm tall. 

The machine is a couple of centimeters wider than other Lattissima machines, but you can still fit it under the cabinet in a small kitchen. The water tank capacity is 0.9 liter, and the device weighs 6.5 kilograms.


Nespresso pods are made from aluminum. With no plastic in their design, they’re completely recyclable. You can return them to Nespresso so they can recycle both the pods and the coffee.

The machine has an “A” energy label. It turns off automatically after nine minutes of inactivity to save electricity. You can adjust this duration through the control panel.

The pods, milk carafe, and steam wand are all BPA-free, so you won’t have to worry about health issues either.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning the coffee maker couldn’t get any easier. The milk carafe can clean out itself after every use. You just have to turn the knob on top to the cleaning position, and the unit blows out the leftover milk with steam. When the carafe is empty, disassemble the parts, and either hand wash them or let the dishwasher do the work.

Removing and washing the drip tray, pod bin, and the water tank is pretty easy when needed. The machine itself has an automatic descaling function. Depending on your water hardness, the Lattissima Pro will notify you when it’s time to run the descaling program, which takes only ten minutes.


Water Spout

The Lattissima Pro has thoughtfully included a separate spout for hot-water drinks like tea. This way, you won’t have to use the same spout as the coffee, and the water won’t have a mild coffee taste. The spout is also necessary during the descaling sessions.

The water spout sits behind a door in its compartment on the machine’s side and locks in the same place as the milk carafe. It can extend telescopically for smaller cups to reduce splashing.

Water Hardness Testing Kit

The machine comes with a one-time-use water hardness testing strip. You find out the water hardness and enter the information in the settings through the LCD so the device can tell you when it’s time to descale.

Complimentary Welcome Gift

The Lattissima Pro package includes a selection of 14 coffee pods so you can try out each sample and find your favorite blend.

Warranty and Service

Nespresso offers a two-year-long warranty for the Lattissima Pro machine. Your local Nespresso boutique can give you service, or you can contact the Nespresso club. They’ll give you a shipping crate and a loaner machine so you won’t miss your morning coffee while they’re repairing your device. 

Things to Know About Vertuo Next

What is the Difference Between Lattissina Touch and Pro?

The most noticeable difference between the Lattissima Touch and Pro is the milk frother. The Pro has integrated milk frother that makes drinks without your cooperation.

The touch works with six individual buttons that let you choose your drink.
The Pro offers seven drinks through a touchscreen LCD.

Moreover, it has a brushed aluminum exterior, as opposed to the Touch, which comes with a plastic finish. That makes the Touch a lighter machine.

The Pro takes a bit more space and offers more capacity. It has a separate spout for pouring hot water. The Touch pours the water from the same spout as the coffee.

Finally, the Pro comes at a higher price than the Touch.

What Pods are compatible with Nespresso Lattissima?

Many coffee companies try to make their pods compatible with the popular Nespresso machines. These brands can work in the Lattissima series, including the Pro: Starbucks, Gourmesso, Real Coffee, Cafe Pod, Douwe Egberts, and Hotel Chocolate.

If you like to shop for coffee beans or coffee grounds, you can use the WayCap reusable capsules. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also produce less waste and help the planet.

Can I use

Starbucks drinkers can get the most out of the Lattissima Pro by purchasing the Starbucks Espresso Pods. Starbucks has launched four different capsule types for any taste:

• Fairtrade Espresso Roast capsule.
• Kenya Espresso capsule.
• Colombia Espresso capsule.
• Guatemala Antigua Espresso capsule.

Final Words on The Lattissima Pro

With the Lattissima Pro, you can be your own barista and make your favorite drink any time of the day. If you like some milk in your coffee, this machine will do all the work with the built-in milk frother. 

It’s a great morning companion as it prepares your coffee fast, at the touch of a button. You can either use Nespresso’s delicious coffee pods or other compatible brands with the machine. This coffee maker has a lot to give! Click here to find out more.

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