Keurig vs. Mr. Coffee: Which Brand is Better?

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Coffee has been a staple drink that most people have with breakfast for almost a century now. It is what most folks need to get them awake in the mornings and ready for the day, and is often used to sustain energy throughout the workday, especially during the afternoons when time seems to standstill.

Most coffee lovers own a coffee machine,  but we have to ask Keurig vs Mr Coffee: which brand is better? Let’s take a look.

Coffee Machine Basics

Coffee machines, also called coffee makers, are household appliances that, as the name suggests, are used to brew coffee. There are several different kinds of coffee machines that utilize a variety of different brewing principles, but in the most popular machines, coffee grounds are placed into a filter that lies within a funnel which is then set over a coffee pot.

Manufacturers of coffee machines have been perfecting and simplifying their coffee machine designs for over 30 years, in order to make them as easy to use and straightforward as possible. You will notice three main components when you remove the top of your coffee machine:

  1. A white tube that leads from below the base of the reservoir and carries hot water towards the drip area.
  2. A reservoir that contains all of the water you pour into the machine at the beginning of the coffee brewing process. There is a hole at the bottom of the bucket as well, which is used to transport cold water through the tube.
  3. A shower head that water arrives to. The water is then sprayed from the showerhead over the coffee grounds. In a few machines, the water escapes from the hose onto a perforated disc that is known as the drip area.

You will also notice a heating element on the left-hand side of the coffee machine’s base. This element is comprised of an aluminum protrusion that consists of two parts: a tube that water flows through, and a resistive heating element.

Keurig Coffee Machines

Keurig is known for its almost perfect K-cup formula. Because the Keurig coffee maker lines are so chock full of various functionalities and features, we will only discuss the more significant models that Keurig produces.

Numerous tests have determined that the K10 Mini Plus has a minimum lifetime of just over three years, provided you perform essential maintenance every now and then. Maintenance is not only a massive factor in the performance of Keurig coffee machines but for all coffee makers.

You may be happy to know that most problems that arise when using a K-cup brewing system are resolved with regular cleaning and simple upkeep. The K10 Mini Plus, which is perhaps Keurig’s most popular model, is available in 12 colors if you are tired of the same old metallic modern coffee machines.

A unique kind of cream that is not really a cream, forms on the top of your Keurig brew. It is a great way to brew a cup of instant satisfaction, and you can always choose the ‘bold’ option if you are after a darker brew.

Mr. Coffee Brewers

These are the coffee machines that most people might be familiar with. Mr. Coffee machines are perfect for people who feel overwhelmed by the more sophisticated digital models.

The basic black Mr. Coffee Single Serve Brewer is the brand’s most popular model and only has two settings. You will probably find yourself refilling this machine often if you plan on brewing several cups of coffee at once, as the tank’s maximum capacity is 24 ounces.

This coffee machine from Mr. Coffee is excellent for coffee lovers on the go, as it can brew directly into a travel mug. Unfortunately, it takes significantly more time to brew than the Keurig model.

Other than the brewing time, is there any difference between the two coffee machines? Yes. Keurig brewers generally house a larger water reservoir, meaning you may get a few more brews from one fill than you would from a Mr. Coffee machine.

Also, Mr. Coffee brewers do not come with water filters, meaning that you will need to ensure that you are using water of a quality that will not leave behind mineral deposits and negatively influence the taste of your coffee.

Tips For Using A Coffee Machine

When using a coffee machine, regardless of the brand, there are a few things you should take note of. The first, and perhaps most important, is that most auto-drip coffee makers work best with a medium grind, though the ideal grind varies slightly for each machine. Find what works best for you.

You should also always brew a full pot of coffee. The brew basket and water reservoir of your coffee machine are manufactured to accommodate its maximum capacity, and anything less will cause your machine to run inefficiently.

Also, remember to clean your coffee pot regularly to prevent the accumulation of germs and bacteria that can alter the taste of your coffee and cause it to have a foul flavor.

Final Thoughts

So, there is not much of a difference between Keurig and Mr. Coffee’s brewing machines. The only real difference is that of convenience, which is what most people want from their coffee machines. It all comes down to preference, so pick what works best for you.

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