Keurig K4000 Coffee Maker Review for 2021

By: | Updated: May 14, 2021

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The Keurig K4000 Café System is a self-service commercial brewer that makes cafe-style drinks as well as regular coffee. It can serve about forty employees a day and spares no effort to meet their individual preferences.

Ideal for medium to large businesses, this brewer comes with many office-friendly options to minimize your brewing efforts and deliver the quickest coffee ever. It offers exactly what a versatile office community needs: from direct water supply and auto K-Cup disposal to temperature control and strong mode.

After a one-week evaluation of this machine, we’ve come up with a K4000 Café System review to share what we know with you. Here’s what we appreciate about the product and what we think needs to be improved: 


  • Fast brews with minimum effort.
  • Brews milk-based coffee, latte, and cappuccino.
  • Customizable options (e.g., temperature control, digital clock, and strong mode).
  • Multiple serving sizes for both specialty and regular coffee.
  • Direct water line plumbing for back-to-back brews.
  • Auto K-Cup disposal.
  • Suitable for a large group of people.
  • UL-listed and NSF-marked.
  • Easy-to-install.
  • LCD touchscreen.


  • Needs regular time-consuming maintenance.
  • May need a lot of vertical space.
  • High-budget.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Commercial Brewer

Nowadays, people are more hooked on specialty beverages than regular coffee. As we get closer to the afternoon hours, you’ll see employees leaving the office to buy their favorite cup of coffee from a coffee shop instead of using the office brewer.

As the first commercial combo brewer, the Keurig K4000 Café Brewer satisfies your cravings for both regular and milk-based beverages. So, if your employees like more variety in their refreshment choices, K4000 Brewer can be your secret weapon. 

Nevertheless, it’s a little pricey and more suitable for medium to large establishments. So if you’re a small office owner, you may not get your investment back in the long term. Instead, you can go for a less expensive alternative such as the K1500 or K3500 K-Cup machines.

In any case, you need to consider a few facts before buying a commercial brewer:

  • Speed and styles of brewing.
  • Coffee taste.
  • Water supply mechanism.
  • Temperature/strength control.
  • User interface simplicity.
  • K-Cup options.
  • Available serving sizes.
  • Automatic options such as K-Cup disposal and auto on/off feature.
  • Safety certifications.
  • Installation and setup process.
  • Difficult cleaning and maintenance.

Why You Should Consider the Keurig K4000 Café System

Café-Style Beverages 

What sets this machine apart from other commercial brewers is that you can make specialty beverages automatically.

Unlike household latte and cappuccino makers, it doesn’t have a separate frother jug. So, you don’t need to add milk manually, wait for the whipping process, and then top your coffee yourself. You can just push a few buttons and enjoy your fully customized drink.

The Keurig K4000 brewer has four programmed recipes for bold coffee, latte, cappuccino, and milk-based drinks. Once you choose either option and select a serving size, it automatically adds an optimal milk ratio into your mug, delivering the closest flavor to what you get in a coffee shop.

Besides, it’s intelligent enough to know which beverage needs steaming vs. frothed milk. To make a latte, for example, it starts dispensing steamed milk, followed by brewing your K-Cup, and ends the cycle by adding some foam.

So, you don’t need barista knowledge to make a delicious drink. Just remember that cappuccino needs more concentrated coffee than lattes. So, you may need to choose a K-Cup with a bolder taste.

Milk Hopper Capacity

The K4000 Café has two hoppers of powdered milk. Each reservoir holds one pound of dry milk and covers up to 25 cups of milk-based coffees – which adds up to 50 cups. This amount usually takes a whole week between fill-ups.

To reconstitute the dry milk and create foam, the brewer pours the proper amount of powder into the mixing bowl, adds some hot water, and starts whipping per your settings.

Once the coffee is ready, you can clean the bowl with the simple Quick Rinse Feature and make it ready for the next drink.

Filling the hoppers is easy. Open the black lid at the right front of the machine to access the milk canisters. Rotate the plastic spouts to the side, push the canisters back, and gently pull them up to remove them. Fill both hoppers to the max line, and place them again in the holder. Don’t forget to spin the spouts to their previous position. 

Brewing Time and Features

The Keurig K4000 Café System is a super-fast single-cup brewer that extracts your coffee, tea, or specialty beverage under a minute, making the right choice for dynamic offices.

It also features a digital clock with auto-off/on options, so you don’t need to check the machine every second. The auto-off feature lets you save energy and prevents electrical accidents. And with the auto-on feature, you won’t have to activate the device manually.

You can also choose your degree of hotness while brewing a cup, a rare option that gives you extreme personalization.

Self-Explanatory Touchscreen

The colorful, intuitive touchscreen is another option that makes this machine attractive. Besides letting you choose your settings, the LCD tells you what to do in every step so that you won’t get lost in all the details. 

Direct Line Water Supply

Instead of a water tank, the K4000 gets its water directly from the pipes. So, you don’t have to fill a large reservoir with tap water. It means you and your coworkers can have as many coffees as you want without heavy lifting. 

This is a blessing for a big business with many employees, customers, and visitors. There’s always plenty of coffee around. 

Automatic K-Cup Disposal 

Another thing that makes the K4000 ideal for busy places is the addition of K-Cup auto-ejection technology.

After brewing your K-Cup content into the cup, the device automatically throws the used pod into a built-in recycling bin, making it ready to insert the next coffee pod.

Your only role here is to empty the disposal bin. Fortunately, the K-cup container holds up to 40 used capsules, which means you don’t need to do anything until the end of each day.

Serving Size

The Keurig K4000 gives you an extensive set of cup sizes. It offers five different servings for a regular K-Cup coffee – including 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces – and three sizes for Cafe-style beverages – 8, 10, and 12 ounces.

In a setting where everyone has different tastes, needs, and coffee habits, this versatility proves more than helpful.


The K4000 coffee maker’s magic is that it packs all these bells and whistles in a relatively compact housing.

It’s about 18 inches deep, 15 inches wide, 20 inches high. So, it doesn’t take up too much of your precious office room and can fit into every corner or on every countertop. Also, it’s only 35 pounds when it’s empty so you can carry it around the office with ease.

The only space issue is when you want to open the lid and fill the hoppers. You may need a lot of vertical space to do so.

The K4000 Café System comes in a very sleek, modern appearance that bedecks your office room, but it only comes in one color: black.

K-Cup Variability

If you’re new to Keurig machines, this brand doesn’t distinguish between branded and non-branded K-Cups. So, you can choose from either Keurig or third-party capsules to make your favorite cup of hot drink.

You can buy whatever you like, from Dark Roast, Caramel Vanilla, and Cinnamon Roll coffee to cocoa, tea, and cider. This flexibility unlocks a world of choices from hundreds of brands: Starbucks, Bigelow, Newman’s Own, and Swiss Miss & Café Escapes, to name a few.


To keep this valuable device working, you have to take good care of it. And the best way to do that is to stick with a daily and weekly cleaning routine. You also need to deep clean the removable parts often. 

Daily Cleaning 

Your only daily tasks include washing the milk nozzle and performing a quick clean cycle.

To quickly rinse the device,  put a 12-ounce mug under the brew head, and touch the “Quick Clean” icon in the main page setting. Do the process twice – once with the “brew line wash” option and another time with the “soluble line wash” option.

Watch this video on how to remove and reposition the nozzle.

Weekly Cleaning

The mixing bowl and powder canisters are two components that need cleaning every week. You can easily wash the hoppers before refilling. Follow the video below to see how you can remove the mixing bowl.

Deep Cleaning 

Regular washing isn’t always enough. You need to sanitize some of the removable components, such as the K-Cup bin, drip tray, mixing bowl, hoppers, and nozzle. This process is also necessary every week. Here’s how to wash and sanitize the pieces:

Coffee Quality

The K4000 Café System doesn’t alter or absorb your coffee taste. With a premium hot water stream, it extracts full flavor from your k-cup grinds and satisfies your taste buds. 


The K4000 is one of the most expensive commercial brewers on the market, but only until you haven’t reviewed its functionalities. 

When you consider the auto-disposal mechanism, advanced touchscreen, direct-line water supply, and more importantly, its ability to make effortless specialty drinks, you’ll know it fairly suits the price tag.


When buying a high-end electrical device and offering it to a bunch of people, a license plays a critical role. First, you don’t want to spend so much on a non-working machine, and second, you don’t want to endanger anyone’s life by having an unsafe device in your office.

The K4000 System is UL Commercial listed, meaning that the UL safety company has tested the machine and approved it won’t cause fire or shock hazards.

And the device’s NSF certification can give you more peace of mind. It indicates that the Keurig K4000 brewer is safe and efficient to use in public places and food services.

Setup Process

Installing the Keurig K4000 Cafe is very straightforward and doesn’t need a professional plumber.  Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up and use a K4000 system for the first time:

Things to Know about the Keurig K4000 Café System

  1. How Long Does a Keurig Machine Last?

On average, a Keurig machine can last about five years, but this is mostly true for its home-based brewers. We expect commercial brewers such as the K4000 Café System to last over two years due to their intensive use.

  1. Does a Commercial Keurig Use a Lot of Electricity?

Generally, a commercial Keurig such as K4000 Cafe System uses about 1400 watts of energy per hour, but most of this energy is used to heat the cold water. So, it won’t use much energy while it’s off or in idle mode. For an office that works weekdays, it can result in a maximally 40-dollars monthly bill.

  1. Is it OK to Leave Your Keurig On All the Time?

It’s ok to leave your Keurig on all the time because it’s not likely to pose an electrical safety risk. Still, switching off the device every night or enabling the auto-off feature minimizes your electricity bills and prolongs its longevity.

Our Final Thoughts on K4000 Café System Review

The Keurig K4000 Café System is the answer to the increasing needs of specialty drink lovers. It’s an automatic brewer with many mechanized functions that meet everyone’s preferences in minimum time.

by Brett