Jura GIGA X7 Espresso Machine Review for 2021

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If you are a professional barista and are looking for a good quality automatic coffee making machine then Jura Giga X7 can serve you well. This coffee machine has been very popular among professionals for several reasons. This is the ultra-luxurious coffee machine to fascinate any coffee lover, hence it is very expensive.

In this review, we will find out whether this machine deserves all the hype, or it’s just an expensive machine with a better alternative available.

This machine comes with 30 different inbuilt coffee specialty recipes with a huge brewing capacity. Ideal for commercial use, this machine is a good choice when it comes to durability and reliable performance. 

It will keep bringing on the cups with very consistent taste patterns and you will love to have it in your commercial kitchen. The Giga X7 provides you with double everything including the boiler, water tank, grinder, frother, and so many other attributes. 

However, it does have a hefty price tag and you won’t get any smart integrated features either. This machine is not a suitable option for residential purposes.

So if you need an automatic coffee making machine like Jura Giga X7, we are about to find out in this detailed review!


  • 30 different coffee specialty recipes.
  • Easy to use the touchscreen.
  • Complete automation.
  • Angled and fully adjustable grinder blades.
  • Double thermoblocks for handling two different milk specialties.


  • Extremely heavy.
  • Large footprint.

Do you need an automatic coffee maker in a commercial set-up?  

A fully automatic coffee machine has all automatic features. It means you don’t have any control over any attribute of your shot. 

When you have to keep bringing on cups upon cups, which usually happens in a commercial setup, you can’t get into fine details associated with the coffee that the machine is producing for you. It’s more about quantity here! But that doesn’t mean you will have to compromise on the quality of your final cup. This is where a good quality coffee machine comes. 

Hence, you do need a quality automatic coffee machine that will assist you in meeting high commercial demands. 

Semi-automatic machines, on the other hand, are more focussed on tiny bits and details such as temperature and pressure controls. You also get to control the volumetric dosages to keep an account of the water content in your shots. 

Jura Special Features

The brand understands the importance of meeting ranging demands of customers from different walks of life. Therefore, you can expect these coffee machines to come with hefty price tags as they are all about quality and performance.  

Double thermoblocks – With dual thermoblocks your coffee machine allows you to prepare two different milk frothing specialties simultaneously. 

Clearyl Filter – This filter will help you in getting all the impurities out of your final cup. The hardness of water can harm your final cup and this is where the Clearyl filter comes in. Using this will significantly reduce the need for descaling your machine again and again. 

Intelligent Water System – With the intelligent water system, this coffee machine can automatically adjust the water content in each of your shots.

Comparison Chart

Features Giga X7Giga 6Giga W3
TasteFlavorful and aromatic coffee Rich tasting, aromatic coffeeCreamy flavor and blended aroma 
Brewing capacity21 cups (169 oz)11 cups (88 oz)21 cups (169 oz)
User-friendlinessEasy touchscreen controlsEasy touchscreen controlsButtons on TFT color display
Design and materialsAluminum body with a large footprintA large footprint with Aluminium bodyAluminum body with a large footprint 
Cleaning and maintenanceVery easy with inbuilt cleaning and maintenance featuresVery simple with integrated maintenance cyclesSimple and easy with inbuilt cleaning cycles and controls. 
FrothingDual spout milk frotherDual spout milk frotherDouble spout milk steaming
GrindingDual grinder with fully adjusting angled bladesBurr grinder with angled bladesBurr grinder featuring angled blades 
Additional featuresDual grinders, dual water tanks, dual frothers, dual thermoblocks, Clearyl filters Single-touch operation, programmable coffee volume and strength, and energy-saving mode Inbuilt smart integration and artificial intelligence, one-touch mechanism, dual thermoblocks, energy-saving mode, programmable coffee volume and strength, and Clearyl filtersDual thermoblocks, intuitive control, programmable coffee volume and strength, and dual frother
Value for moneyMeets the valueSlightly expensive but primarily meets the valueMeets the value

The Jura Giga X7 Review 


Giga X7 is ideally suitable for commercial setups. Hence, it needs to be right up there when it comes to taste. We have found that this machine surely can produce a very good tasting cup of coffee. The coffee grounds preserve a lot of flavors from the beans. Thanks to the angled blade grinder of this machine that the same flavor and aroma are transferred to your cup after the extraction process is complete. 

The dual milk frother allows you to take care of double milk specialties at the same time, and the coffee won’t leave you asking for more. It can conveniently handle 30 different coffee specialties which are truly a blessing in a commercial setup. 

The Giga 6 is not different from the Giga X7 in terms of taste and aroma it can produce. There is a dual milk steamer that can also manage 28 different coffee specialties.

However, when we talk about the Giga W3, this machine comes with 43 different coffee specialties and is far more versatile than Giga X7 and Giga 6. But with the “dual of everything” Giga X7 gets back into the game pretty well.  

Brewing capacity

If you are looking for a coffee machine that can not only deal with different coffee recipes but also comes with a high brewing capacity then the Giga X7 is the right choice for you. The double water reservoirs can store a total liquid of 169 ounces. You can get more than 21 cups in one go without any refills. 

It also comes with 2 bean hoppers with a combined capacity of 35.3 ounces. If your coffee demands are extremely high, this machine can certainly handle you during those crunch times. 

Furthermore, the Giga 6 comes with a humble water tank capacity of 88 ounces which can produce 11 cups per refill. There are dual bean hoppers on this machine with a combined capacity of 20 ounces.  

But when it comes to the Giga W3, you will notice this machine truly meets the requirements of the commercial setup. It has a water reservoir and bean hopper capacity that matches Giga X7 and on top of that, you can also select from 43 different coffee recipes.


Giga X7 is user-friendly in its design and a lot of credit goes to its high intuitive touchscreen display. All the controls are accessible including the water reservoir and the milk frother that can also accommodate a range of different cups. 

The machine also features a practically useful touchscreen that allows you to control everything associated with your machine with just a push of a button. And the same touchscreen technology features on the W3 as well. Both of these machines are very easy to use when it comes to milk-steaming and refills. 

There are no winners or losers here. All three of these machines are very simple to use and you will only have to go through a learning curve where you will be learning which controls to use and when. The machines that belong to the Goga Series by Jura, are one of the most user-friendly models by the brand. 

Design and materials

Jura has used high-quality aluminum in the construction of Giga X7. This machine has a large footprint and you need to have plenty of counter space in your commercial setup. This machine is not suitable for your home or a small office. It will work anywhere where there are crowds of avid coffee lovers and your machine will be used plenty. 

Giga 6 and W3 are made of the same high-quality aluminum and robust in constructions as well just like the Giga X7. They can handle high volumes of coffee. However, Giga 6 is better suited for smaller setups due to its smaller capacity. But in terms of rigidity and resilience, all three are high-end machines. 

Cleaning and maintenance

The Giga X7 comes with inbuilt maintenance cycles and the machine will notify you when to run them. In most cases when your machine has brewed more than 50 liters of water, it will start alerting you to run the maintenance cycle. Since the machine runs with Clearyl filters you won’t have to descale it either. The overall cleaning and maintenance process of the X7 becomes very simple. 

The W3 and the Giga 6 have the same instructions and integrated maintenance cycles. Therefore, both these machines also tend to last you when it’s time to clean. These machines come with Clearyl filters, so descaling becomes out of the question. Always use Clearyl filters else, you will have to descale your machines manually. 


The milk frother is another feature that resembles in all these three coffee machines that we are comparing here. The X7 comes with a double milk frother and can automatically switch from milk to milk frothing. You can easily handle two different types of milk steaming specialties at the same time. 

Giga 6 and the W3 have a similar milk frother. Therefore, when it comes to latte art, all these three machines are top-notch. Such kind of milk frother needs to be there if a machine can produce more than 25 different coffee specialties. 

Therefore, we can say that in terms of milk frothing there is a tie because all three machines come with a high-quality frother that can accommodate even larger mugs as well. So no matter which machine you pick, latte art won’t be a thing. And using this frother isn’t rocket science either. Everything is achievable with just a push of a button. 


The X7 comes with a grinder that has angled blades and is adjustable. It means that the grinder can preserve the flavor of your coffee beans and get it into your grounds. For this reason, you will have to go for high-quality coffee beans that are rich in taste and aroma. As there are 2 grinders and their combined capacity is 35.3 ounces. 

This Jura also comes with dual grinders but with smaller capacities. The combined capacity of these grinders on Giga 6 is 20 ounces. The rest of the features are similar to the X7’s. This grinder also comes with angled blades that are fully adjustable. 

The dual grinders on the W3 are parallel to those on X7. They have the same overall capacity of 35.3 ounces and they also come with full adjustable blades that Jura has fitted at an angle for better preservation of flavors and aroma. 

Additional features

Giga X7 also comes with Jura’s signature energy-saving feature. This feature is going to be very useful for you in saving some utility costs in your commercial setup. Giga X7 is about double of everything, so you will have a double water tank reservoir, double grinder, double frother, double bean hoppers, and double heating systems. There is an intelligent water system and the machine also comes with Clearyl filters. The machine has special filters to keep track of water density.

The machine is fully integrated with smart features and artificial intelligence to make your life easy. You won’t have to do much because this machine comes with a set-it-and-forget-it style of operation. Just choose the setting according to your preference and the machine will get it done for you. With dual thermoblocks, you can conveniently handle two different milk frothing at the same time. The Clearyl filtering system is there as well. 

W3 also doesn’t feature smart technologies but it is the right choice for you if you are looking for a budget-friendly commercial coffee machine. The adjustable water spout is there with a single touch brewing system everything will be instantly made with dual thermoblocks. 

Value for money

Taking about the value for money, one must assess a coffee machine based on its durability, user-friendliness, and delivering on the purpose of purchase. Giga X7 is made of commercial-grade aluminum and is extremely durable. With an intuitive touchscreen, controlling different features on it is a pretty simple task as well. And if you are looking to use it for commercial purposes, this machine is a good choice. 

On the other hand, it is also made of commercial grade aluminum but comes with a TFT touchscreen with buttons. So it is not going to last very long in a commercial setup due to heavy use. These buttons will wear out pretty quickly. Therefore, it is better suited for smaller office setup.

Whereas, W3 is very similar in construction and design to X7 and it also comes with a similar capacity. It is a better choice for your commercial setup because it is almost half the price but it comes with more coffee specialty recipes. So, if you are going for a budget-friendly option while setting up your bar then W3 would be a better choice. 

Who should buy the Giga X7?

Anyone who is looking to go for a commercial set up and need to choose a high capacity contemporary-looking automatic coffee machine. It has a high brewing capacity and you won’t have to deal with too many refills. 

It is convenient for the user of the machine to clean as it is extremely durable. The best part is, operating it is no big deal and you also won’t have to descale it as long as you are using Clearyl filters. Therefore, it is a good choice for any professional who is looking for a trusty but modern coffee machine. 

Who shouldn’t buy the Giga X7?

Make sure if you are going for Giga X7, your budget shouldn’t be your concern. It is one of the most expensive models. It’s not only about performance but looks as well. 

Besides, this is a truly commercial coffee machine and you shouldn’t consider buying it for residential or small office use. It will also need plenty of space on your counter because it has a large footprint. 

FAQs for the Giga X7?

How frequently should I clean my Giga X7?

Make sure that you go through your institution manual to understand how frequently you can do it. The machine will also notify you when it’s time to run this integrated maintenance cycle. For a general rule of thumb, your machine needs to brew at least 50 liters of water before it needs to be cleaned.

Is descaling necessary with Clearyl filters?

No, descaling is not mandatory if you are regularly using Clearyl filters. These filters eradicate the hassles of descaling your machine in the first place.

Why is my machine’s display showing “Please Descale” why I have Clearyls in place?

You still need to program your automatic machine to Filter Mode. The machine doesn’t know that you have placed the filters and descaling is not required. You have to program your machine each time you start it up.

The Verdict 

If you are interested in buying an automatic machine that has a modern look and comes with an excellent brewing capacity you indubitably need Jura Giga X7. There are 30 different coffee specialty recipes in this machine and you get double of everything as well. 

This machine is designed to meet commercial needs and is not the ideal option for residential purposes. Solidly built and sleek in looks, this machine will be a perfect option for a bar with a contemporary look.

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