11 Best Pour Over Coffee Makers To Match Your Coffee Making Skills

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The fine art that is coffee making does not necessitate buying expensive machines to get a delicious cup. Sure there is the convenience of getting coffee from a good quality coffee machine, but good quality coffee does not always flow from a machine! Pour-over coffee is all the rage these days, and it gives you a delicious cup of joe. All you need is a simple coffee maker and a filter. We look at the best pour-over coffee makers, which make amazing coffee, with some skill on part of the barista.

Our Top Picks For Pour Over Coffee Makers

Let’s Talk Pour Over Coffee

Getting Up, Close, And Personal With Pour Over Coffee

Pour over coffee started as a bit of an obscure fad. Pretty soon though, the pour over coffee style skyrocketed in popularity. Also called the hand drip coffee or manual drip coffee, pour over coffee soon had plenty of takers.

When it started, only the Hario V60 coffee dripper was available for pour over coffee aficionados. Now, not only is there a wealth of options for manual drippers, you can find automatic options in the form of electric pour over machines.

Pour over coffee makers are available in several materials. Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Ceramic is the most popular and often recommended material. It does not add any unwanted taste to your coffee. It is an excellent insulator and sturdy. Ceramic can be thick and bulky.
  • Glass is very popular as well. It doesn’t add unwanted taste to coffee and looks great. Glass, however, is fragile.
  • Metals are a common choice, especially steel and copper. The material is sturdy but it doesn’t insulate well, causing coffee grounds to lose temperature.
  • Plastic is cheap, lightweight, insulating, and durable. However, it can add unwanted flavor to your coffee.

Choosing The Right Filter And Coffee

Your choice of filter and coffee will be the primary drivers of taste. You could end up using proprietary filters when using Chemex or Hario. However, if you buy a generic coffee maker, it will be possible to use a standard coffee filter. Just be sure to buy one that is healthy and does not add a weird smell or taste to your coffee. Lately, there has also been a push towards reusable metallic filters over disposable paper filters.

Having a good quality coffee will certainly go a long way in terms of taste. It helps to use freshly ground coffee. Overall, pour over coffee is more about your choice in coffee, filter, and your own skill and patience in brewing.

The Top 11 Of Pour Over Coffee Makers

Comparison Chart

Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper, Size 02, White
Kalita Wave series 185 Lotto [2-4 persons] # 02035 (japan import)
Pour Over Coffee Dripper by Sanyo Sangyo: Porcelain Ceramic 1-to-4 Cup Brewer in 5 Beautiful Colors | Unique Drip Coffee Maker for Fresh Filter Coffee–Elegant Smart Design: Better Brewing (Green)
Tetra Portable Coffee Drip, Stores Flat, Stainless Steel, 1.5 Cups, by Munieq
Clever Coffee Dripper and Filters, Small 11 oz|(Clear) Barista’s Choice| Safe BPA Free Plastic|Includes 100 Filters
CHEMEX Bundle – 6-Cup Classic Series – 100 ct Circle Filters – Exclusive Packaging
Hario Woodneck Drip Pot, 240ml, Acacia Wood
Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter, 1 Liter, 34 Ounce, Black Band
Coffee Gator Paperless Pour Over Coffee Dripper Brewer 14oz Clear
Bartelli Paperless Pour Over Coffee Dripper and Brewer – Permanent Reusable Stainless Steel Filter – Single Serve Cup or Small Pot
Osaka Pour Over Coffee Maker with Reusable Stainless Steel Drip Filter, 37 oz (7-Cup) Glass Carafe and Lid ‘Senso-JI’, Brown

Hario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper

Hario was first on the pour over scene and is amongst the best known-brands. It has been a popular choice since the beginning and continues to score highly even in 2019 for pour over coffee maker reviews. Hario V60 coffee dripper is available in ceramic, glass, metal, and plastic.

Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, you can employ any of the materials, though I personally prefer ceramic. It is available in three sizes, depending on the number of cups you want to brew. There is also a wide variety of color options available, so you can take your pick.

This coffee maker is designed to draw out flavors from the coffee, enriching it with floral or fruit flavors. At the same time, it manages to extract the right amount of acidity from the coffee. There is a single hole at the bottom of the Hario V60 coffee maker for the coffee to drip through.

Inside of the Hario V60 coffee dripper is lined with ribs arranged in a vortex shape. The shape prevents the filter from sticking to the walls of the cup. This helps in keeping coffee extraction at its best.

Kalita Wave Series

Kalita wave is the strongest challenger to the reign of the Hario V60. It has been fairly talked about in online coffee communities, including those on reddit and Facebook. The Kalita Wave coffee dripper is available in ceramic, stainless steel, and glass. The most popular model here is stainless steel, though I would recommend using ceramic.

Designed to be newbie friendly while also catering to pros, the Kalita Wave has three small holes at the bottom to drip coffee. Some steel models from wave suffer from getting the holes clogged, though there are no similar complaints about ceramic or glass. So if you really are starting out, skip the steel model.

Kalita Wave name comes from the wave-shaped ribs on the interior of the coffee dripper. These are designed to keep the filter paper at a safe distance from the boundaries of the cup. This, in turn, helps keep the coffee extraction process more rounded and on track for a stable brew temperature.

As long as you’re not doing something very wrong with the brewing, the Kalita Wave does offer a fairly consistent brew quality. And it looks pretty good as well. To be honest, images don’t quite do ceramic cups justice, and it is one case where I’ll say the original looks better than the picture. This not only goes for Kalita but also for the Hario V60 and some other pour over coffee makers on our list.

Pour Over Coffee Dripper by Sanyo Sangyo

Sanyo Sangyo coffee dripper is made from Japanese porcelain ceramic and is available in several colors. There is also a clear plastic variant should you be partial towards the material. It is quite similar to the Hario V60 in appearance, except the interior which has rather pronounced ribs arranged in a flower petal pattern.

The ribs are designed to give the coffee grounds more room to expand, rather than sticking to the walls of the coffee maker with the filter. I think the ribs are way too sharp and dense. If nothing else, this will lead to more effort in cleaning the coffee dripper. On the plus side, the design looks amazing, so might as well take on the minor annoyance!

Tetra Portable Coffee Drip

Tetra portable coffee drip is an interesting one, and that’s because its shape and style are quite different from usual pour over coffee makers. It is designed to be portable, and when fully assembled, takes on the shape somewhat similar to a conical stand.

When you don’t need it for coffee duty, simply disassemble it and the Tetra Portable Drip by Munieq becomes a flat sheet of metal. Though its shape is not exactly conical, it does use conical filters. An advantage here is that since most of the filter is at practically zero risk of touching the coffee drip, the coffee grounds have more room to expand.

As a result, you get more flavorful coffee. It does require a bit of extra care to set up, but if you know what you’re doing, the Tetra Portable coffee drip can very well match or even go beyond the Hario V60. It is also available in a plastic construction that is both cheaper and lighter.

Small Clever Dripper C60666

The Small Clever Dripper is made entirely out of transparent plastic. The 100% BPA-free plastic gives it quite an interesting look. Base diameter on this dripper is somewhat small, so be sure that you’ve got the right cup size before you start pouring coffee.

Its insides have a pattern of ribs arranged vertically in a straight line. While easy to clean it is not the best pattern to employ and it does come in the way of expanding coffee grounds. The resulting coffee is not exactly bad, but it certainly could have been better.

One problem that you are bound to face with clear plastic is that it will eventually get cloudy. In a few months, you can expect the nice looks of this coffee dripper to go away and be replaced by an unpleasant cloudy look. For that reason, I would recommend something ceramic instead. Or for that matter coffee dripper that is not made of clear plastic.

Its biggest advantage is that this Small Clever Dripper is easy to operate. You pour in all the water at once. A valve at the bottom stays shut until the brewing process is finished. Once you are confident that the brewing process is done, the valve can be released and the coffee collected in a carafe.

My grouch with the Small Clever Dripper C60666 is more about its probable appearance in a few months. That said, I’m still struggling to find a witty remark on the “666”. Ah, well, maybe some other day!

Chemex Classic Series, Pour-over Glass Coffeemaker

Chemex Classic Series is a great alternative to the conventional cup style pour over coffee makers. It doesn’t quite require a radical shift, though it does bring a bit of shift to the pour over coffee method.

The Chemex Classic style coffeemakers are slightly more expensive than the usual pour over coffee makers. However, the quality of construction is worth the cost, and would easily beat cheaper variants someone could finagle from Amazon or their local Walmart.

It has a wooden collar that acts as a heat blocker. The collar serves two purposes. First, it protects your hand should you hold the hourglass shaped Chemex. Second, it provides additional insulation to the filter so the brewing can proceed merrily.

The coffee maker is constructed entirely out of non-porous borosilicate glass. That helps it handle the heat better. Additionally, it ensures that your coffee maker will not absorb any flavors or tastes from your coffee. The Chemex Classic Series is easy to clean and maintain. Plus, the glass and wood combo looks pretty stylish!

Hario Woodneck Drip Pot

Quite similar to the Chemex Classic Series, the Hario Woodneck Drip Pot too has an hourglass shape with a wooden collar around its neck. This one is made from heat treated glass, which probably contributes to this one being substantially cheaper than the Hario. An interesting difference here is that Hario recommends the use of reusable cloth filters over disposable paper filters for the Woodneck Drip Pot.

Of course you can still use the paper filters, but the cloth filter is pretty enticing by itself. Plus, it handles the increased customer demands for using reusable items over disposable ones. Hario Woodneck Drip Pot is available in two sizes and two color options.

Colors to choose are more about the preferred wood trim on the neck of the drip pot or the handle of the filter. Available options are dark wood and olive wood. Individual cloth filters or cloth filters with handle are available as well. After use, remember to store the clean and dried filter in an airtight bag inside a refrigerator.

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter

Bodum is pretty similar to the glass-style pour over coffee makers we have already seen. Except, it uses a permanent stainless steel mesh filter. The filter is durable, long lasting, and unlike paper and fabric, it does not absorb oils from the coffee.

Using a metallic filter allows the Bodum to promise more flavorful coffee. On the downside, the metal offers no insulation and your coffee may lose heat. The carafe itself is made from heat resistant borosilicate glass. To provide better insulation for handling, the neck of the flask is covered in plastic or cork, depending on your choice of variant.

Bodum pour over coffee maker is very simple to use and offers excellent value for money. It is especially worth a try for a beginner, although pros won’t find much fault with it either.

Coffee Gator Pour Over Brewer

In looks and function, the Coffee Gator Pour Over Brewer is a cousin to the Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker. However, the carafe takes on a shape more akin to a jug, complete with handle. In this way, it does away with an insulated neck coat we’ve seen on other glass style pour over coffee makers.

The filter used is metallic, made from dual layer of micro-mesh, laser cut steel. It is pretty well constructed, though obviously don’t expect the glass carafe to survive falls. According to the company, the Coffee Gator Pour Over Brewer makes coffee so good, you will be “grinning like a possum eating a sweet potato”. Well, that convinced me!

Bartelli Paperless Pour Over Coffee Dripper

As the name implies, this coffee dripper does not require the use of paper filters. This is a permanent, reusable filter made out of stainless steel. The Bartelli works single-handedly as a filter as well as a dripper. It is designed to fit over conventional cups, mugs, and carafes.

All you have to do is place the Bartelli Paperless Pour Over Coffee Dripper over the carafe/collector of your choice, and start pouring. The filter in this dripper contains small holes that prevent coffee grounds from entering into your cup, even if you prefer your coffee beans finely ground. Being metallic, the dripper does not add any additional flavor to your coffee, or absorb oils as paper filters are likely to do.

Although a single serve coffee dripper, you can make more than one cup of coffee since the dripper can fit most cups and even carafes, though you might be stretching things a bit if you go beyond a cup or two.

Osaka Pour Over Coffee Maker with Reusable Stainless Steel Drip Filter

The Osaka is very similar to the Coffee Gator and Bodum pour over coffee brewers we saw above on this list. Its reusable stainless steel filter is laser-cut for excellent filtering, making it possible to use finely ground coffee beans.

The carafe used is made from borosilicate glass, allowing it to handle heat easily. Moreover, it does not absorb odors or residues/stains. Borosilicate makes the carafe microwave and dishwasher friendly, though obviously your pour over coffee should never enter the domain of a microwave.

Your hands are kept protected by a collar placed around the neck of the carafe, so it is easy to pour the pour the coffee into cups. The carafe is capable of handling 7 cups of coffee.

Our Verdict — Best Pour Over Coffee Maker

Pour over coffee is amazing, and coffee lovers certainly should find room for one in their life. Its amazing coffee at great value and having the best pour over coffee maker at hand just makes things better. If you’re looking for a classic cup-style pour over coffee maker, I’ll suggest you give the Kalita Wave or the Hario V60 a shot. Should you be in the mood for a glass style pour over coffee maker, my recommendation would be the Chemex Classic Series and the Coffee Gator. But of course, take a closer look at the information above, and pick your favorite.

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