How To Make Latte at Home Without an Espresso Machine

By: | Updated: April 20, 2021

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A lot of us definitely yearn for the good old carefree days where they could sit in their favorite coffee house worry free and sip on their favorite latte. However, with the recent ongoing situation, this is still a far-fetched idea, as staying home is the new normal. 

But this doesn’t necessarily mean that we can’t have our favorite cup of coffee – even if it means having it at home. Making a delicious and flavorful coffee at home shouldn’t be a hassle. What’s great is that you don’t even have to spend ridiculous amount of money on getting a state-of-the-art coffee machine. 

In case you have already made up your mind to buy a machine, you can check out affordable espresso machines here. For those who want the convenience of making it at home, here’s a guide on how to do it. 

how to make latte

About Latte

Before we learn the step by step procedure of how to make delicious latte at home without an espresso machine, let us first learn what exactly a latte is. 

There is a particular formula of every milky coffee. So, you need to be sure that you are in fact making a latte, instead of a flat white or a cappuccino. 

The ratio of coffee and milk in a latte is as follows: 

1/3 coffee and 2/3 milk. This milk must have a frothy texture on the top. You can either use a single or double shot of coffee and the milk of your preference. However, it is imperative that the ratio of coffee and milk must remain the same. 

In order to make the best latte without an espresso machine, you must create that shot of coffee as well as the frothy milk. You can learn some tips for frothing milk here

You might think you need to be a barista to be able to do all this – well, not at all! Just follow the simple instructions and that’s all. 

A Step by Step guide on making a Latte without using an Espresso Machine: 

Let us now walk you through the simple steps of making a perfect latte cup at home:

The Shot of Coffee

First, we will start off with the shot of coffee. Provided you have the right tools, making an espresso shot without a machine is easy as a breeze. Get enough coffee grounds or grind the beans, for a shot of coffee. If you prefer a strong shot, two teaspoons should be sufficient for you. 

The next step is dependent upon if you have an Aeropress, French Press or a Moka Pot. The most convenient and common amongst these three is the French press. 

You put the coffee grounds in the French press, add a splash of hot water so the grounds can soak for about 30 seconds. Then you add the rest of the water and let the coffee steep. While the coffee is being steeped, you can move on to the next step which is making the milk.  

The Art of Adding Milk

add milk to coffee

For a perfect cup of latte, you need to get the milk right – it’s as simple as that.

There is a steam nozzle on the side of a coffee maker which froths up the milk. It is actually a fun process which you must have witnessed a lot at coffee shops. You can whip up the milk in seconds for the right texture with enough power behind it. 

Without the steam nozzle, you just have a milky coffee that is lacking the texture you prefer. So, the question arises, without no steam nozzle, how do you go about getting the frothy texture?

If you can get your timing right, there is a trick that works pretty great. 

First of all, you would need a microwave-friendly jug or even better, a mason jar. Next, you would need your milk. Pour this milk into the jug, then cover it with the lid. Once it is covered properly, give the jug a proper shake. This energetic shaking will froth up the milk.

Once the milk is all frothy and has expanded in size, now it’s time to heat it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Heating it would mean that when you add it to your latte, you will get the expected temperature. 

Putting the Ingredients Together

By this time, your hot frothy milk is ready and the coffee has been brewed as well. Now add a measure of coffee to the bottom of the cup, then add milk on top of it. 

You must keep in mind that you are looking for the ratio off one part coffee and two parts milk. This is the only way to ensure that you have indeed brewed latte and no other type of coffee. Doing this would take some practice but this is the fun part. 

Considerations on Making Latte without Espresso Machine

Another thing to consider here is that the aforementioned approach can be followed with any milk form. Some coffee aficionados might try to tell you otherwise, that a certain kind of milk with the right fat content must only be used and not any other milk. But you can make delicious and flavorful lattes with this approach using low-fat and plant based milk. 

Note that with plant milk, you will need to put in less effort in order to get the frothy concentration. You would know what this is like if you have shaken a carton of oat milk before making an ordinary cup of Joe.  

Your coffee can be altered by a dash of syrup or a pinch of matcha. You can look up online for unique or healthier options if you are a health fanatic. Once you have perfected the ratio and texture of your latte, you can even start practicing latte art. 

Getting the Latte Glasses

Last but not the least, if you intend to make authentic lattes at home without an espresso machine, why not get some latte glasses? 

There are a few reasons for getting the latte glasses. A clear glass provides you a convenient way of measuring the ratio of coffee and milk for your latte. This way it’s easy for you to see the result of your hard work. It finishes things in a nice manner if you want to give making latte without an espresso machine your best shot.

In case you fail with the milk frother, you can fake it with the glass. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t set your expectations too high. You cannot make a perfect latte without an espresso machine the first time around and you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it. Remember, you can learn it in due time with ample practice. 

Go easy on yourself. You are not in direct competition with Starbucks here. This is only for you to recreate the latte drinking experience. While you learn, enjoy the process without getting frustrated and striving to perfection in the very first attempt. Keep experimenting. 

Be conscious of the whole process and know that you will get a great tasting, flavorful and frothy latte at the end.

by Joakim
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