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Hamilton Beach 49981a Review

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Several numbers of the coffee machine were used while on the quest of searching for the topmost coffee maker that serves single coffee. And certainly, we have made different coffee with different machines to finally decide on one.

After trying out all this machine we settled for the best among them all that is the Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker – Hamilton Beach 49981A with this machine having a price of about $40!

This was an additional factor since this machine quite inexpensive and thus made it our topmost coffee maker that serves single coffee.

Sometimes some inexpensive products or machines are often found to be poorly made or can’t carry out the functions stated on the product but with Hamilton Beach, it is very different.

This machine works in an amazing manner, looks dashing in your kitchen, quite portable in size and it’s inexpensive.

You will get to know a lot about this machine such as:

  • Functions of this Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker
  • The way Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker works
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • How do I efficiently use this machine?
  • The set of people that can use this machine
  • The set of people that can’t use this machine
  • The conclusion

Functions of this Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker

This particular coffee making machine does a lot of things despite being inexpensive, and it brews coffee way faster with a great and amazing coffee taste compared to some other machines in the same niche.

Functions of Hamilton Beach 49981a Coffee Maker are:

This machine has a netting strainer that works with all types of coffee bean

Different level of boldness in brewed coffee: A normal coffee brew can be selected or smoother coffee brew can be selected all depending on your choice and how rich you want your coffee to be.

Quantifying selections are comprehendible: There are two vivid preparation strokes in the strainer all you need to do is fill your coffee grounds to the point you want.

This machine has a drip that is Transportable: This makes it possible and quite easier to select the sizes of cup you would want. You can get large sizes such as a full mug or a bigger cup and even lesser cups with no stress at all.

Power off is programmed:  with this the machine goes off once your coffee is made.

The Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker Set is Packed with:

  • Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker 49981A coffee machine
  • A consumer guide
  • Brace netting
  • A one year guarantee
  • A great thing about this machine is that no other external attachment is needed apart from a blender for your coffee bean.

There is also a protracted guarantee of about three to four years, this attracts an extra fee.

The Way Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Maker Works

Main fact here is that the Hamilton Beach Scoop performs just fine!

This machine is quite simple to make use of, it is packaged all ready to use and also come with a consumer guide as a form of assistance to users.

You just have to put in your desired coffee, choose a cup size and the machine does the rest.

A bigger cup size is good if you prefer a cup with a strong and amusing coffee taste. Preferably the smooth grind? The preparation takes more time making a full taste extraction from your coffee bean.

Carefully check the measuring line to be sure your coffee grind has not exceeded the maximum line, and the size of water to be added should not exceed 14oz. Following this hints will help prevent seepages.


  • These are some reasons why this machine is preferable to other machines in the same niche:
  • It is of low price and quite affordable
  • It is very simple to use.
  • The heat level of this coffee is normal.
  • A high-quality standard processes of brewing
  • A netting scoop that helps filter your coffee
  • No need for pricey coffee shells


Key shortcomings about picking this product are:

This machine is only used newly ground coffee and is not used for non-grinded coffee beans.

It may be a benefit to die-hard coffee drinkers as the taste differs so most coffee addicts would prefer a newly ground coffee taste compared to pods, therefore, a user of this machine freshly grind its coffee bean before each use.

Due to the water tank size, this machine is relatively slow compared to machines with lower water tank size.

How Do I Efficiently Use this Hamilton Beach 49981a?

Having a long-lasting machine depends on how well it is used, here are some hints:

Follow the producer’s guide

  • Before first use, the machine should be primed
  • Tidy up the machine based on the producer’s guide
  • A separate machine on a regular basis based on producers guide
  • Only make use of a coffee of good quality
  • Newly mash coffee bean to get a fresh coffee taste

The Set of People that Can Use Hamilton Beach 49981a

The Hamilton beach 49981A Scoop machine mix the easy to use advantage, the inexpensive factor, and an amazing coffee taste.

With this, this machine is a must have!

The Hamilton beach 49981A machine is for everyone that prefers a freshly ground coffee and the satisfaction you get using a coffee machine for preparing a single cup of coffee at a time.

The Set of People that can’t Use Hamilton Beach 49981a

This machine called the Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker is not of best use for families that are large in numbers where a cup of coffee is desired by every member of the family at the same time.

The amount of time consumed and the programmed turn off is of best used for a single cup of coffee at once.

All this being said, we are convinced that the reason Hamilton Beach 49981a was picked as our top pick of all other options is glaring.

This machine is capable of doing all that a similar but pricey machine does and the fact that it is easy to use is a plus!

The Conclusion

You would get just the perfect worth for your money buying this Hamilton Beach single serve coffee maker that would brew your coffee cup or mug every day.

In the next few weeks, the Hamilton Beach 49981A will save you a lot of money so you won’t have to spend buying a cup of coffee all the time.

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