Hamilton Beach 49980a Brew Station Coffee-Maker Review

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To continue our quest to find optimum coffee-maker brands, we tried out a famous coffee-maker by the name of Hamilton Beach, such as Hamilton Beach 49980a single serve coffee brewer and full pot coffee maker 2-way.

The Hamilton Beach 2 Way Brewer doesn’t have a carafe which can be considered as an outstanding quality within the drip coffee making machine industry.  It is also quite handy because of the decrease in coffee-spilling risks or machine breakdowns.

Hamilton Beach 2 Way Coffee Maker Review

The question is can it work better than its rivals?

Continue reading for more discoveries.

In this article, you will find out more about:

  • Outstanding Machinery Features
  • Individual tastes
  • Details on the inner workings
  • The positives and negatives
  • Excellent guidelines to help capitalize on the machine features

Outstanding Machinery Features (Hamilton Beach Flexbrew 49980)

With this particular product, you can distribute beverages with one hand.  You won’t even need the glass carafe for this.  Because of that, the liquid shall not be spilled accidentally and nothing could be shattered or traded afterward.

The most outstanding features of the Hamilton Beach Brew-Station are as follows:

  1. One-Hand Distribution – Since there isn’t any carafe, place the small mug below the dispensing tube and take each beverage container singularly.
  2. Automated Shutoff Mechanism – This will always assure you that it will shut down at a set hour. You will not have to worry yourself about forgetting to turn it off and wasting electricity as a result.  You can set the machine to turn off after at least 4 hours.
  3. The Built-In Water Heater — This feature assures the user that there would be a steady supply of temperature within the machine. A lack of heating plates also means that there would be no burnt aftertaste in any of the cups to be used.
  4. Versatility – You can choose the following options for brewing: Bold, All-Regular and Iced. Choose the bold setting for a much tastier mix.  You can also create a batch of 3 cups maximum.

As soon as you make the purchase, these accessories will be included:

  • The coffee-making contraption from Hamilton Beach
  • A year’s worth of warranty
  • An extra receptacle for filling the water-container
  • The user’s manual

Optional Accessories

  • A 3 to 4-year warranty extension with a small fee.
  • The Hamilton Beach 80675 Permanent Filter (Optional Purchase) — This particular product comes in shining gold and would allow you to make at least 8 to 12 cups in under $5.00. You also won’t have to pay more money for artificial filters which can save you a lot of money for sure.

Other Similar Models to Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Model # 49980z

  • 12-Cup Machine — $50.00 (featured)
  • 10-Cup Machine — $35.00
  • The Gold-Toned 12-Cup Machine — $55.00

Would you like to own the filter?

Choose the third option to save up to $1.00.  Also, getting the extra 2 to 3 cups for an added $15.00 would totally be your prerogative.

Excellent Guidelines to Help Capitalize on the Machine Features

  • A regular and thorough cleanup is imperative
  • High-quality coffee beans are to be used regularly for better taste
  • Fresh, powdered coffee beans are recommended for the brewer
  • Run the apparatus on tap water twice before the first brew to ensure its readiness.

Does It Fit My Taste?

The Hamilton Beach Coffee-Maker will be good for anyone who wants ease and comfort when using the tool.

It will also be good for anyone who easily breaks the carafes.  If you are not very coordinated, this is the one brand for you.

Who Will Not Like This Machine?

Because of the no-carafe feature, this coffee-maker will not be good for a household with too many family members in it.

This is because there would be no option for the coffee-maker to brew separate cups at one time in different ways.

The Inner Workings of the HamiltonBeach 49980a Brew-Station

Initially, try to acquire an extra receptacle for filling this coffee-maker with as much water as you want.

The next step would be to select your specific mixture of preference.

Would it be Regular, Bold or Iced?

Turn the brewer’s switch on and it’ll work.  You, as a user could change the settings for automated starts at a designated time.  This way, you will get to have your favorite beverage every morning or evening at your preference.

This machine is not difficult to utilize.  It also has an internal unit for extended storage and warmth. The absence of carafes makes for easier maintenance too.  You will have to clean less stuff!

This contraption will keep the beverage warm for about 4 hours which is not too shabby at all.

You will surely have a savory coffee experience without the burnt taste while keeping the unique zest in the three major coffee settings. (Regular, Iced or Brewed)

More Positive Criteria

  • Zero Carafes — Fewer things to clean, no swapping necessary, extends coffee heat.
  • Affordability – This particular contraption is surely cheaper than similar brands.
  • The Automated Activation and Shut-Down Settings – You can have a fresh brew anytime you want, especially in the morning!

The Let-Downs

The contraption’s rubbery platforms will make it difficult for you to move it elsewhere in the kitchen especially if it is stored in the cupboard or cabinet.

You would have to swallow one whole cup of coffee.  You will not be able to throw away beverage similarly if there is a carafe.  It has to be filled up and refilled completely.

The Wrap-Up

Ultimately, the largest draw for the Hamilton Beach 49980a in terms of usability is the absence of the carafe.  The machine will be a lot easier to handle and maintain because of this.

It will be a first-class piece of equipment to have primarily because it will help you produce delicious coffee blends all the time.  You would not have to spend too much time gauging how much sugar you would have to use due to the automatic settings.

The timer also can be a huge draw because it reinforces the automated nature of the Hamilton Beach 49980a machine.  You will have your coffee ready at a moment’s notice for sure.  This machine is truly the best kind of purchase for your own kitchen!

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