GROSCHE Madrid French Press Coffee Maker Review

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With the luxurious and elegant look of the Grosche French Press, this coffee maker has left me absolutely spoilt for choice.

The Decadent Design of Grosche French Press

The Grosche Madrid, in terms of design, is a tad different from any other French press coffee maker. The chrome finish makes this coffee maker one of its kind, making it just right no matter what type of décor is there in your kitchen.

There is less plastic used, and what I liked the most about is the plastic is durable in the bottom part of its lid, making this coffee maker quite handy.

The Build Quality Speaks Itself

The materials used to build this coffee maker are of supreme quality. The chrome filters are very much sturdy and no wonder it goes a long way when it comes to filtering. By just pressing down the plunger, they begin to work without any hassles.

But the disappointing part is the glass carafe, which can break anytime if you are not careful about it.

But there comes the best part about the carafe as the heat can retain longer than any other glass carafes.

Ground Breaking Efficacy When It Comes To Brewing

Nothing can beat what Madrid does to make your coffee brewing process easy. The coffee maker efficiently captures all flavors of coffee beans – that is what I like the most about it.

The mesh filters of the coffee maker are built in a way to filter out the sediments well. Another filter is there at its spout that is designed to serve the purpose of straining out escaped particles while pouring your coffee into the mug. This ensures you to drink even the last drop of your coffee with ease.


French press coffee makers are not that great at miracles. They can only brew coffee beans that you will use to make coffee and if you wish to have a refreshing cup of coffee, you may prefer to go for some top-notch coffee beans.

Take a quick note:

To brew the coffee beans, you can use finer grounds as they are prone to make their way even through the filters of the coffee maker irrespective of their built quality. Possible it is in case you want to make an adjustment of the grounds’ coarseness after using it a couple of days.

Here comes the not-so-exciting part

There is no true match of this coffee maker in terms of its durability and stability, but what makes this coffee maker not a perfect one is the cleaning process.

Although you can still use a dish wear to clean it but you will find it difficult to remove the beaker from its frame. This is probably because of the rubber ends that have been used to firmly keep the beaker in the right place. You will have to put enough effort to pull it off.

I hope the trouble will soon be over with time and you will not have to worry a lot whenever you give it a wash.

People Who Should Go For It

If you are a French Press fanatic and are currently looking for a stylish coffee maker, then this coffee maker is worth a try! It would be not an exaggeration to say that this coffee maker would make you feel royal and your taste buds are going to fall for it.

And Who Should Not

If you want this coffee maker to carry at work, do not buy this – because it is not what you are seeking. The Grosche French Press works best when it is in your kitchen placed in the safest corner.

Also do not get carried away with the advertisements as they show that you can make 8 cups of coffee with a 1-litre carafe, which is far from reality. So before buying it, make sure you pick the right size.

Pros Versus Cons


  • Stylish
  • Supreme quality material
  • Extravagant flavor
  • Durable
  • There is an extra filter in the lid


  • Difficulty in cleaning

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