Drinking Coffee While Pregnant: Is It Good or Bad?

During a pregnancy, it’s perfectly natural to scan through nutrition labels to find out if your food is okay to consume during pregnancy. It’s always a good idea to play things on the safe side, but you don’t have to spend months completely avoiding some of your favorite food and drinks. There’s plenty of myths … Read more

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6 Best Coffee Roasters Money Can Buy In 2020

Coffee drinkers love the flavor of coffee. Whether it’s the rich, bold flavor and toasty finish of a dark roast or the bright, fruity taste of a good light roast, there’s a world of flavor when it comes to coffee. Most of us know how to brew our own coffee, but the most dedicated of … Read more

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How To Use a Coffee Tamper: Learn The Best Ways

Most coffee drinkers rely on a simple home drip coffee machine, simply adding in the beans and pressing a button. We save the complex brew methods like pour over and espresso for the professionals. But maybe you want to up your coffee game, and you decide you want to buy an espresso machine. If this … Read more


Coffee Nutrition Value: How It can Improve Your Health

Many Americans enjoy at least one cup of coffee every morning, if not 2 or 3. It’s the perfect wake up call to tackle the day, and tastes delicious. But when you’re drinking that much of any beverage, you can’t help but wonder what impact if has on your health. If you’re trying to improve … Read more

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Coffee Intolerance: The Symptoms & How To Deal With It

Your coffee is your favorite part of the morning. It’s flavor, the caffeine rush, and the comforting warmth is a great way to start the day. But if you drink a cup of java and feel sick or uncomfortable afterwards, you may have a coffee intolerance. While coffee is a favorite for many, there are … Read more

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Coffee Jitters: What It Is And How To Get Rid of It

When you’re pulling yourself out of bed in the morning, sometimes the only thing that makes it worthwhile is that fresh brewed pot of coffee. When you sip on that hot, bold, flavorful cup of joe, you feel yourself waking up almost immediately. After a couple of cups, you’re ready to face the day. You … Read more

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9 Great Coffee Flavors and Syrups: What You Must Try Today

Most coffee fanatics will say that the best way to flavor your coffee is to leave it be. The rich, dark toastiness in each cup is enough for many to come back for seconds. But many people want something more. Whether it’s a subtle flavor addition to compliment coffee’s natural taste, or a blast of … Read more

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Fair Trade vs. Direct Trade Coffee: What It Actually Means

Whether fair trade coffee is what it claims to be is still debated by the coffee industry and consumers alike. With so many different labels on products claiming to be fair trade, it’s no wonder that we’ve also grown skeptical about fair trade coffee. 2007 to 2009 saw a massive push from McDonalds and Starbucks … Read more

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Coffee Extract: Learn What It Really Is

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10 Tips For Choosing Healthy Coffee Creamers

When you finish brewing a fresh, hot cup of coffee, adding a little creamer can be just the thing to give you the rich, flavorful experience that you want every morning. Whether it’s pre-sweetened Coffee Mate creamer or just some half-and-half, most of us add something to our favorite beverage. Like with anything you drink, … Read more