Bunn Carafe Coffee Maker Updated Review

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To provide you with unbiased advice and information about choosing the best coffee maker that is suitable for you, we are trying and testing all the possible available models.

This article or review is not only giving you a clear photo of each kind of machine, but it can also be an excuse to have numerous cups of brewed coffee.

We already have different kinds of coffee maker, and one that is included in the list is the new Bunn Carafe coffee maker which has a model name of Bunn BT Velocity Brew.

This marvelous machine has numerous features to offer and added benefits that you will surely like.

As you keep reading this article, you will encounter the following topics:

  • Numerous features that Bunn Carafe Coffee Brewer has to offer
  • How this Bunn BT Velocity Brew Works
  • The advantages of having this Bunn BT Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Machine
  • The disadvantages of having this Bunn velocity brew BT 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Machine
  • Best advice to fully enjoy your Bunn Thermal Carafe Machine

Numerous Features That Bunn Carafe Coffee Brewer Has to Offer

Throughout the forty years of serving the industry of restaurant, Bunn company has mastered the brewing system.

The following are the features that this Bunn Carafe Coffee Brew machine has to offer:

  • Quick brewing time: This Bunn Carafe Coffee Maker can brew a total of four to ten cups of coffee within just three-minute time frame.
  • Rare kind of spray head: The type of spray head that the Bunn company have placed to this machine is not what you expected. It is uniquely designed to make sure that the eradication balance to give an excellent flavor.
  • 800W heater and a water tank made from stainless steel: The combination of these two features work together to maintain the temperature of water at 200 degrees. It means that even though you already finished brewing your coffee and you want to make a hot chocolate or a tea, you can still get boiling water from the device.
  • Thermal carafe: this kind of carafe will sustain the warm temperature of your coffee for two long hours. You can also clean it with any dishwasher.

The following are included when you buy this Bunn thermal coffee maker:

  • A manual guide for users
  • A water tank that is from stainless steel
  • A thermal carafe
  • A warranty that is good for three long years

How this Bunn Velocity Brew BT Works

This Bunn carafe coffee brewer performs well once you mastered the proper use of it.

It might not be the most natural coffee maker in this world, but when you get to know how to use it properly, everything will work smoothly.

Sometimes, you will encounter situations like the leaking of the machine, but with the help of a 12-cup paper filter, you don’t need to worry about it.

The Process of Brewing is Plain and Simple

Add the water – measure the water based on the amount you want, because once it gets in, it will always get out.

Add the coffee. This machine is recommended to remain on every time. No timer. No start button.

You only have to close the cap if you want to start the brewing process.

At first use, the Bunn carafe coffee maker leaves a powerful, plastic-like kind of smell in the middle of the brewing process.

The company explained that this encounter is just typical and is not visible after six weeks of using it.

Just like any great machine, this machine will provide you with a good taste of coffee.

But additionally, you will surely enjoy an even-flavored coffee, and the hot temperature of it lasts longer.

The Advantages of Bunn BT Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Machine – Bunn Carafe

The following are the advantages of having this Bunn carafe coffee maker:

  • Amazing taste of coffee
  • A warranty that lasts for three years is the best incentive
  • Hot temperature lasts longer
  • You can enjoy a home-brewed coffee in just three minutes
  • Designed perfectly in a modern way

Disadvantages of Bunn BT Velocity Brew 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Machine – Bunn Carafe

The following are the disadvantages of having this Bunn Carafe coffee maker:

  • The smell!
  • Consumes a massive amount of power in comparison with other coffee makers
  • Price tag value

Best Advice to Fully Enjoy Your Bunn Carafe Coffee Maker

The following are some of the best advice to make sure that Bunn Carafe coffee maker provides you a great taste of coffee:

  • Only use it the way as the manufacturer told to do so
  • Ensure that the coffee maker is clean all the time and the cleaning process is correct and proper
  • Ensure that the scale of the Bunn Carafe coffee maker is removed every after use
  • Only use top-quality kind of coffee
  • Just use newly-brewed coffee
  • If you are brewing an entire pot, make sure that you are the 12-cup paper filters and not the 10-cup paper filters to prevent leakage
  • Only use a coffee that is grinder coarsely, because the finer one can cause leakage

Bunn Carafe Coffee Maker is Suitable For

This Bunn Carafe coffee maker is best for people who love to explore things on machines before they can master using it.

It is not a simple and easy-to-use kind of machine, so it is better to look for some tutorials or articles online to get familiarized yourself, or you are ready to learn the process.

Lastly, this Bunn Carafe machine is best for people who want to have an entire pot of coffee in the shortest time frame.

The taste of coffee is still good even it last for about two hours.

Bunn Carafe Coffee Maker is Not Suitable For

This Bunn thermal carafe machine is not good for people who are just starting their way on the world of coffee.

It is perfect for people who already have the idea of coffee making.

It is not suitable for people who want only to press the timer to begin the brewing process.

The machine doesn’t also have a pre-programmable setting.

Conclusion – Bunn BT Velocity Coffee Brew Machine Review

All in all, the Bunn Carafe Coffee Maker machine is only okay.

Yes, it produces a great tasting coffee, it prolongs the hot temperature of coffee, and finish the brewing process real quick.

With that, it is not as good as the old models of Bunn, the plastic-like smell and the leakage is not an ideal trait for a good coffee machine.

Additionally, it doesn’t have any programmable features. The price is also high because the machine only does a little.

And with the amount of $100, you can find a better Bunn thermal coffee maker on the market.

What are your thoughts about this Bunn Carafe coffee maker?

Do we have the same standing about this Bunn BT Velocity Coffee Brew Machine?

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