Bulletproof Coffee Recipe: Making A Refreshing Cup

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bulletproof coffee

Bulletproof coffee is popular and, as many will attest, tastes quite good. It is quite simple to make and feels pretty smooth when you drink it. The great taste and texture certainly help its popularity.

While we think bulletproof coffee is ridiculous by its usage as a super-diet, there is no fault in enjoying a cup simply for its taste. So let’s take a look at bulletproof coffee recipe and flavor options for a great cuppa.

Ingredients Of Bulletproof Coffee

Here are the primary ingredients that make your coffee “bulletproof”.

  • Coffee: An obvious ingredient. It is generally recommended that you use freshly ground coffee beans. Keep the grind on the coarse side, so the extraction process can work better.
  • MCT Oil: The medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil is an important ingredient. While bulletproof diet offers its own ingredients, the MCT oil is generally coconut oil.
  • Unsalted Butter: Grass-fed unsalted butter (or Ghee) is the last main ingredient to be used for bulletproof coffee.

Other Ingredients And Considerations

You’ll obviously need water to make your coffee. Filtered water is recommended for use with Bulletproof Coffee. Using a French Press is recommended for coffee extraction.

The general idea here is that paper absorbs some oils from the coffee as its flavor is extracted. A French Press with metallic filters, however, does not absorb those oils.

Another thing you’ll need is a blender to mix up all primary ingredients together. They need to be placed together so you don’t have the oil or the ghee floating up at the top of the coffee.

Followers of the Bulletproof Diet usually buy ingredients directly from Bulletproof. However, the markup is insane and since we don’t believe in the diet anyway, we’d rather not spend that money.

If you’ve ever wondered where to buy these ingredients, most of them are easily available. You can conveniently buy them online or at most stores that sell coffee-related items. So, for a quick list, you’ll also need:

  • A French Press
  • Filtered Water
  • Blender

Claimed Diet And Health Benefits Of Bulletproof Coffee

One reason for the popularity of the Bulletproof Diet is the health benefits and weight loss it promises. A large number of those claims are not scientifically verified, and thus we will not endorse those for our review or bulletproof coffee recipe.

Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

Now that we’re done gathering ingredients and making our preparations, let’s make a delicious cup of coffee.

Brew A Fresh Cup Of Coffee

The first thing we need is a freshly brewed cup of coffee. It’s recommended that you use a French Press, though if you prefer, you may use a drip coffee maker as well. If you’re unsure about brewing, take a look at our step-by-step French Press brewing guide.

Add MCT Oil

To your freshly brewed coffee, at one or two tablespoons of MCT Oil.

Add Ghee

The next step is to add 1-2 tablespoons of grass-fed ghee to your coffee. Be sure it is unsalted because tainting the coffee with salt won’t really do favors to your tastebuds.

Blend It

Put all the ingredients in a blender, and let it run for about 30 seconds or slightly more. You want to give it enough time so that all the ingredients mix well together, and you don’t see oil or ghee floating on top of the coffee.

Once the mix starts looking a bit foamy, you can stop the blender and pour out a cup of Bulletproof Coffee.

Modifying Bulletproof Coffee Recipe For Flavors

The general recipe stays the same, however, you can always add a touch of your own flavor and flair to the coffee recipe. For example, pour in a couple of drops of vanilla extract before you start blending the coffee.

Once the coffee is ready, you can sprinkle some cinnamon powder or similar spices to add to the flavor.

Time To Enjoy Your Coffee!

Bulletproof coffee recipe goes beyond brewing a regular cup of coffee by a couple of steps. The coffee is rich in fats and is often taken along as part of a keto-diet.

We recommend that any specific diet course you undertake should come with consultation from your Doctor or Dietitian. However, if you just want to enjoy a nice cup of bulletproof coffee at times, this recipe will certainly satisfy your cravings.

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