Breville Precision Brewer Review

By: | Updated: April 14, 2021

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With a drip coffee maker like no other, Breville has provided us, and indeed spoiled us, with a great quality brewer. Coffee made with the Breville Precision Brewer is like making coffee of elite status. You can tailor your coffee’s flavor, temperature, and type to exactly how you feel at that moment.

Holding up to 60 oz., you can drip coffee either into the pot or straight into your mug. It just depends on whether you only want a single cup for now or a whole pot.

Breville Precision Brewer Review

Breville is well-known as an appliance manufacturer, especially for their quality. Their Precision Brewer goes above and beyond this reputation. They have set out to create a brewer that is no ordinary coffee machine.

Instead, it allows you to tailor your coffee-drinking experience to your desired tastes at that moment. For such an ambitious goal, they’ve smashed it and created a machine that gives you a cup that seems to come from a professional barista.

Who Is This Product For?

For any coffee drinker, you’ll enjoy this machine simply because it is an excellent coffee machine. However, for picky drinkers who have specific requirements for how they want their coffee brewed, this machine is perfect.

Just about anyone who enjoys drinking coffee on the regular will see this coffee machine put to great use. Rest assured, you will enjoy every cup that comes out of it.

What’s Included?

You’ll open up the package to find the stainless-steel coffee machine, a thermal carafe, and a thermal coffee pot. Nothing else is included.

Overview of Features

The stainless-steel coffee machine has a host of features that sets it apart from standard coffee machines. To begin with, it has a sizable 60 oz. capacity to brew a large amount of coffee, enough to get most people through the entire day.

It uses the tried and tested “dripping method” of dispensing coffee. It flows through two filters, from the larger cone filter on top, through a second filter built into the main machine. Then, it drips into either the pot or directly into your mug.

Where it differs from a regular brewer is in its digital adjusting technology. You can adjust the temperature and brew with the dial. Use the simple start and stop button to quickly change just how much you want without having to measure.

The pump can be adjusted to give you different flow rates, which can affect the strength of the coffee as it steeps for longer. The true marvel of this coffee machine is with the parameters you can set to perfect your cup of coffee. You can adjust just about any aspect of how your coffee is prepared.

This includes the temperature, bloom time, and rate of flow. Then, save your settings as a preset for you to use for every cup. Alongside your own presets, Breville has five of their own to choose from – Gold, Fast, Strong, Iced, and Cold Brew. The 6th preset is your own.

Gold is their unique option, which auto-adjusts your temperature and brewing time to give you what they deem the “best cup of coffee”. This is based on various tests the company has done among their consumers. If you can’t figure out the best cup for yourself, Gold is an easy and excellent go-to.

With such an incredible machine that is so intuitive and provides impressive features, it is difficult to think it has downsides. Unfortunately, not everything is perfect, and while this is a fantastic product well-worth the attention, it does have a significant flaw.

After some time, with regular use, many users have reported that there have been various malfunctions. The automatic cleaning alert has prevented coffee from being made, despite the machine having been cleaned. Also, the water pump may malfunction and not be able to fill the coffee pot properly.

While this coffee machine is quite a bit more technologically advanced than others, it does seem to have some problems with longevity. Thankfully, these issues do not affect everyone, only a minority of users, in fact. Most users are incredibly satisfied and happy with their purchase.

How To Use It

A video showing off the features and how to use them can be found here:


  • Good capacity for water and coffee
  • Variety of brewing options
  • Custom preset to tailor your coffee to your tastes
  • Keeps coffee warm without scorching it


  • Reduced lifespan compared to other Breville products
  • Quite pricey for a coffee brewer


Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach has a brilliant option available for a coffee machine. The draw of their design is how user-friendly it is, and it tries to minimize the chances of mishaps from the user’s end.

As an alternative, it is cheaper and well worth the purchase. However, it is lacking in many of the features that Breville provides.


This is one of the few brew stations to allow you to tailor your coffee-drinking experience to such an extent. With all the parameters and presets to choose from, you are sure to be able to find the right way to make a fantastic cup of coffee.

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