Bonavita Coffee Maker 8-Cup – Review of Bonavita BV1800SS Coffee brewer

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So, we were doing some researches on the market trying to explore with some of the latest models on market.

After testing hundreds of different models, we made a small list to share with you the information about our top picks.

Our today’s topic is Bonavita coffee maker 8-cup model, more precisely BV1800SS model of machine.

This machine was a great pick, it a high-quality machine with aesthetic-pleasing design and the best of all is very easy not only to use but to clean also.

You will be enjoying your morning cup of you in the comfort of your home because the tasting that this machine produces is amazingly good – believe me.

If you are curious now, just go ahead and continue to read more about this machine.

Probably you have some question to ask, for example:

  1. What is the feature that this machine offers?
  2. How Bonavita bv1800ss really work?
  3. What are the pros and cons of this machine?
  4. Who should pick this machine and who avoid picking?
  5. Will it last and how to properly maintain it?

Well, don’t worry we have all right answers, just keep reading.

Bonavita Coffee Maker 8-Cup – Features of this Model

  • First, I need to say that the features of this machine are just fabulous and they include:
  • Brewing is as simple as it can be, with just only one touch you are good to go
  • The powered Bonavita water heater of 1400W is incredible – the process of heating water has never been that quick, in a very small period of time it will heat the water to ideal temperature, kept through the whole process of brewing. This way you’ll get the best from your coffee and the taste of it is rich, flavourful and incredibly powerful.
  • The Shower head water inlet – if you like your coffee to be depth in flavor – this little thing will do it for you, ensuring that water that you’ve put in your machine evenly passes through every possible coffee ground. That’s how you get your quality cup of joy flavors and with the best possible aroma. The extraction of the beans is the most important part when it comes to the flavor of your coffee.

Bonavita Thermal Carafe

When it comes to a Bonavita thermal charge – it’s made of high-quality stainless steel – that what will ensure that your coffee won’t be cold after a while.

I will keep it hot for a very long period of time.

Cleaning of Bonavita 8-cup Coffee Maker

This is probably after quality the most important part.

No one wants to waste their time, and really don’t like to spend hours cleaning the appliances.

So, don’t worry, every listed part of this machine is dishwasherable. So, just put it in the machine and don’t worry about it.

BPA Free

There are so many appliances nowadays that are literally poisoning us with their chemicals.

When it comes to this machine, you don’t have to worry because BPA free means that there are no any chemicals that are not good for us.

Brewing capacity

Brewing is now piece of cake, as the title says it can brew incredibly 8 cups, so quite a large capacity if you ask me.

Power Off

Have you ever forgot to switch off your machine?

Probably you did, just like me. As the matter of fact that happened me a lot, but here is a solution.

No need to worry anymore, with this feature that automatically shuts off your appliance, it will never happen again.

That’s how you will save your money by not wasting the power anymore.

Recognized as professional

The SCAA certification says it all really, so no word is needed.

Are there Some Extras Included?

Of course, with the machine you will also get:

  • Instruction booklet
  • The warranty that lasts an incredibly 24 months
  • And of course, with your machine comes also water tank, brewer, Bonavita thermal carafe and a Bonavita filter basket.

How Does Bonavita Coffee Maker 8-cup Really Work?

As I already said this – simple as it can be. In just three steps you are good to go.

  1. You need to add the water
  2. You will add your coffee
  3. Just switch the Bonavita bv1800ss on and that’s all

Quite simple, right?

You will need about 7 minutes to brew your coffee, so this machine is beyond than quick and the best thing of all is that your coffee will be the most favored and tasty that can be.

Also, for a long period of time, it will stay hot – not just worm but hot.

Pros of Bonavita BV1800ss Considering other Models on the Market

Well the list of advantages that this machine has is quite long, but here are few:

  1. It’s simple as it can be to use – Just need to push the on button and that’s all
  2. You will have the best-quality coffee, flavors and tasty
  3. It’s not bulky at all, more so – it’s very compact, looks good in every kitchen and it won’t clash with the design of your kitchen.
  4. All the parts can be washed in the dishwasher
  5. Very affordable, good value for the money. Retails just little bit over $100.

Cons of Bonavita Coffee Maker 8-cup

  • Bonavita bv1800ss does not have a timer – you will need to manually switch. It’s that’s not a problem for you, then great – the quality of your cup of coffee will make you forget about it.
  • Bonavita bv1800ss does not have the brew stopper – so basically you will need to wait until it’s completely brewed. So, no pouring the coffee while the brewing lasts.

Tips to long-lasting machine

If you have already bought Bonavita bv1800ss and absolutely love the taste of coffee that makes, you want your machine to last for a long period of time as possible.

It depends on you because proper maintaining is the key to the long life of your machine.

Here are some of them:

  1. You will get the instruction manual and you need to use the machine as it’s told.
  2. You need to descale Bonavita on a regular basis
  3. Clean it and maintain properly your machine, after every use.
  4. Be sure that you are using the good quality of coffee – make you’ll need some time to experiment what’s best for you – but you will get it after a while.
  5. If you want your coffee to be flavors and tasty, then try using the freshly grounded beans. You will see the difference.
  6. At first, you could have a small problem while putting the carafe into the barrel – but keep in mind that you have to hear that sound of popping – that’s how you will know that it is in right place.
  7. Always have something near the machine so you can take off the content from the Bonavita filter basket. Be careful while doing it because it’s wet, but believe me it is easy to do, it takes a few moments.
  8. Always make sure that when you are pouring your cup of coffee, the lid is on the carafe, if not you can spill your coffee all over.
  9. It will be best if you brew the whole pot of your coffee – the difference will be obvious. You’ll see it.

Who Should Pick Bonavita BV1800ss?

Well, bonavita bv1800ss is a great machine and whoever choose this machine over the other models will not be disappointed.

Very affordable, easy to use and at the same time easy to clean, and what’s best of all the taste of your coffee will be great.

Also, it looks very aesthetically-pleasing, so what do you need more form your coffee machine, really?

Also, great thing is that Bonavita 8 cup maker, as the name says can make enough coffee for your whole family, so no time waisting if you have a big family.

Or you are alone, but you are a true coffee fanatic and drink more than one cup – problem solved.

Who should not Pick Bonavita bv1800ss?

There are few things like timer and brewer stopper that this machine does not have, if these mean a lot to you, then avoid buying Bonavita bv1800ss.


So, at the end what to say, except Bonavita BV1800ss is a quite good machine for that amount of money.

If you don’t mind those few cons that this machine has, then Bonavita coffee maker 8-cup is a great choice.

Update Info: This appliance (Bonavita BV1800ss) is not available anymore.

You can find on market the upgraded version: Bonavita BV1900TS.

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