Bodum Travel French Press that Stainless-Steel Insulated

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Many are the times that you have poured your best, flavored coffee as you rush to work in an attempt to make it on time.

Sometimes you even wonder how amazing it would be to mix and take your coffee safely and still get to work right on time.

Worry no more!

This Bodum French Press guarantees solutions to all your worries.

Continue reading and you will completely understand that I am confident for this about Bodum Travel French Press.

Multi-Purpose of Bodum Travel French Press

Not even considering the fact that the French press is moveable, you can make your breathtaking coffee and still take while it is still hot without using your ordinary mug.

This is simply saying that you can make and drink your coffee directly from the source. You can, therefore, make your coffee while on the way and get to the gym while the coffee in your mug is still warm.

Performance of Bodum Travel French Press

The quality of your coffee depends on the grounds picked for the brew; so ensure that you choose the right grounds.

With that in mind, place your grounds in, allow them to steep for about 4 minutes, and then add your preferred flavors or milk and press down the plunger and you are set to go for the day.

This process is simple, only takes a few minutes and will help you save time during your rush hours as you will be performing it while on the move.

Usability And Construction Quality

The Bodum French press has been designed amazingly to the extent that you think of it more as a mug than a Bodum Travel French press.

It’s featherweight and with the convenient size, it is simple to grasp. It has also been designed to fit into the car’s cup holder thus increasing its portability.

It is also double-walled with stainless steel which acts as an insulator to the mug thus ensuring that the coffee stays hot for almost 3 hours. So for those who don’t take their coffee while hot, hold on for some minutes before taking any sip.

Additionally, the French press doesn’t have filters since it uses the plunger mechanism that ensures sediments remain pressed down when tasting the brew.

Precautions about Bodum Travel French Press

Always place the French press vertically or else the coffee will be poured. This is not because of its lid or how it has been sealed. In reality, the lid properly fits and maintains the heat of the coffee adequately. This issue is due to the hole allocated for drinking through which coffee sips out if the mug is not held vertically. One should, therefore, take note of this when placing it in the bag.

Although this is just a minor issue, we hope that the manufacturers will come up with a solution to this.

If you ignore this minor problem, you will not be frustrated with this mug since with 20 bucks you can purchase a lot of them.

Who Should Purchase Bodum Travel French Press

There are very few places you can get good coffee and even most workplaces don’t offer favored unburnt coffee. This Bodum French press, therefore, proves to be suitable for any person who relates to the above cases apply.

Its weight and size make it useful during trips be it road trips, camping or even hikes. You can additionally carry it as you go to other places such as class, office, gym, and many other places.

It ensures that wherever you go, you have amazing coffee with you.

Who Shouldn’t Purchase Bodum Travel French Press

The French press has a capacity of 15 ounces though one gets less which is enough for only one person. Therefore, for partners who require coffee concurrently, buying two Bodum travel French presses or even a bigger one is recommended.


  • Makes great coffee
  • Perfectly insulated
  • Perfect size
  • Easily usable


  • Leaks when held horizontally


This movable Bodum Travel French Press which also acts as a travel mug that keeps the coffee warm can be used to make coffee at any time and at any place.

It is really affordable which makes it readily available to anyone interested or looking for the travel mug in the market. It is also very appealing and its quality will last more than you can imagine.

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