Bodum Chambord French Press 8 Cup Java Maker

By: | Updated: April 25, 2021

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Acquire this coffee maker for life!

Bodum Chambord French press is popularly known for various reasons. The appearances, for beginners, will cause a lot of egoism.

You will definitely want to show it off like some trophy by placing it on the countertop rather than keeping away when it’s not being used.

Then comes it high value with little cost, which is honestly amazing. Simply continue reading and discover how exciting it really is.

Quality over Everything

The Bodum Chambord components are rarely made up of plastic material.

Shockingly, its lid is made up of steel which prolongs the useful life of the whole frame than the French presses which are made up of plastic. Additionally, it is solid enough so as to firmly hold the machine’s glass carafe in place.

While still on this glass carafe subject, we surprisingly found that it has the ability to resist heat well.

This, however, doesn’t mean that it keeps java hot like the carafe made up of stainless steel, though long enough then the majority of the machines within its category.


As long as the glass is considered, this carafe proves to be really strong. However, ensure that you don’t directly brew your coffee using hot water so as to reduce the risk of breaking the glass carafe.

When the glass breaks, nonetheless, something that is bound to happen in the course of time as is the case with most glass presses, finding substitutes for these carafes is quite simple.

If you happen to be under warranty, you will surely obtain one at no cost.


As anticipated, the brewing procedure consumes some minutes and thus ends up drawing out most flavors that taste delicious while on the tongue.


Ensure that you provide this press with grounds of java beans that are coarse so as to maintain them constrained out. Its filter performs this function very well.

This French press has the ability to handle nearly all coffee grounds so as to produce java with the finest texture ever.

Convenient Cleaning

Set side by side with the drip machine, a French press is not that simple to clean. This is actually a matter of fact.

Therefore, don’t anticipate the Bodum Chambord machine to have an extraordinary cleaning mechanism.


You have an amazing message. This French press happens to be dishwasher safe, not forgetting the fact that its carafe is detachable from the frame using a simple strong haul.

You can simply wash it in less than a minute. Nonetheless, bear in mind that you should be very careful since the glass carafe is single-walled.

Don’t expose the carafe to abrupt changes in temperature. If it happens to be warm, ensure that you don’t grasp it under flowing water.

Wait till it cools down or just rinse it using warm water.

Other Features

Unlike some available French presses, with the Chambord Bodum coffee press, you can possibly brew coffee for a single person.

All that you are required to do is to load it up using the required amount of water then press the plunger. It will make the perfect mug, unconcerned with the quantity.

If utilized with a lot of care, Bodum Chambord coffee maker will become the last French press you will ever purchase.

Who Should Purchase Bodum Chambord French Press?

The best thing about this machine is certainly that it is usable by anyone in the market looking for a coffee French press.

Despite the fact that it is not the first option for a transportable French press machine, you can easily and safely carry it with your backpack.


If you prefer brewing your java in advance, ensure you possess the thermal carafe since glass carafe maintains java at an optimum temperature only for a short period of time.

Who Shouldn’t Purchase The Bodum Chambord?

You honestly can’t brew eight coffee mugs from this Bodum 8 cup French press.

Some even say it can only hold a maximum capacity of 16 ounces; this is half the publicized capacity.

Therefore if you have a family with many coffee addicts, lining up so as to brew their own cup, this French press is definitely not the one you should purchase.

Instead, purchase the French press with a capacity of 51 Ounces. You can also opt to go for a different model such as SterlingPro or KONA.

Advantages Of Bodum Chambord French Press 8 Cup Maker

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Properly restrains the coffee grounds
  • Isn’t made up of plastic
  • Brews amazing tasting coffee

Disadvantages Of Bodum Chambord French Press 8 Cup Maker

  • Deceptive cup size


Though it is not the most perfect French press machine available in the market, Bodum Chambord French press is among the best coffee makers in relation to its overall value.

As a matter of fact, it is appealing and makes fine quality, delicious coffee. It will definitely be useful for a long time.

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