Baratza Virtuoso+ Review: Is It the Right Grinder For You?

By: | Updated: April 26, 2021

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Personally, stating “I love coffee” is somewhat similar to “I love air.” It is a significant part of my life. I wouldn’t be long for this world without coffee. I want you to understand and learn how sincere I am about my coffee that’s why I am telling you this.

I am not like any other people who will shrug eventually and obtain whatever nasty liquid comes out of my coffee maker.

The Baratza Virtuoso+ Review

I want to discuss a specific grinder. With that in mind, we present to you our Baratza Virtuoso+ review.

The Virtuoso+ coffee grinder is available from Baratza, and the brand also offers several coffee grinders. This model provides more and better functions and features compared to the basic ones that are why it a higher-end. But it’s still comparatively easy to understand. I don’t think that it would be hard for a beginner to get the hang of it.

The Virtuoso+ is truly popular. It already reached hundreds of reviews on sites such as eBay and Amazon. When I was in the market to grab a new grinder, I settled on checking it out and give it a chance to prove

Design of Virtuoso+ Coffee Grinder

The Virtuoso+’s design is genuine and straightforward. On its top, you can find a plastic hopper, where you can put your coffee beans, and a ring metal which has printed numbers on the sides. It has a range of 1-40, one which is “very fine” and 40 is “very coarse.”

It also has a one-touch button at the front of the unit that allows you to press to begin the grinding process. However, before you do pressing the one-touch button, you might want to consider checking the side where you can find a 60-second timer button.

If you have a specific choice about your grinder’s length, you need to adjust the dial properly. With regards to aesthetics, the Virtuoso+ is a gray-colored metal and plastic with a carved top that adds more a sophisticated vibe.

It is not a typical sleek machine of an ultra-modern café, but it won’t look horrible sitting on your countertop, too. As for the specs, it has a measure of 5.9 x 2.6 x 5.3 inches and weighs 7.15 pounds. It hopper can carry 8 ounces of coffee beans and holds 5 ounces in the catch container.

Grinding Technology

The grocery store coffee grinder has conical burrs which use for its grinding – and this makes unique from mills that use blades. But almost everyone agrees that Baratza burr coffee grinder is way better for attaining even, uniform, and smooth grounds.

Satisfyingly, the Virtuoso+ lives up to this belief. It develops and makes consistent grounds even if you are making them fine, coarse, or somewhat in between. It means that you can use it for many different kinds of espressos and drip coffees. The Virtuoso+ machine is multi-functional.

The Virtuoso+’s grinding power secret is in its DC motor. It doesn’t waste any time in attaining its full potential, and it builds effectively. Its grind has a range of 250 to 1200 microns, and its speed controller can modify between 405 and 495 RTM (rotations per minute).

Ease of Use Virtuoso+ Review

As I have said earlier, I do not think that Virtuoso+ is hard to operate. You can personally modify its grind times and rotation, as well as ignoring these options if you don’t need to use them. In hypothesis, you only need to press one button to get ready your coffee beans.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is if you want to adjust the rotation per minute, you need to open the gearbox first. It has a standard speed of 450, so if you wish to take advantage of the full range of 405 – 490, it will oblige you to deal with advanced controls.

The Virtuoso+ has a ground speed of 1.5 up to 2.4 g/sec – and compared to other Baratza grinders, this is higher when it comes to grinding speed. It means that you can make more cups of coffee in a short period.

Baratza Virtuoso+ Review for Maintenance

This Virtuoso+ model is easy to keep up and maintain. I have it myself for about five weeks already without having any issues encountered. You don’t need to wash it, rinse, disassemble, or recycle. You can leave it alone until it’s time to use it again.

Sometimes, you need to look for some fingerprint blemishes off the metal components and wiped it off as well as wiping off the interior part of the grinding cone so that the particles from new grind will don’t mix with particles from today’s grind.

If you want to clean off your coffee grinder Baratza, it is better to use a dry rag than using wet wipes.

Why coffee grinder Baratza is Important?

If you are only purchasing pre-ground coffee from grocery stores, you are missing out! There’s good stuff coming out from coffee beans that freshly ground.

There’s an actual science at the back of coffee bean’s freshness. But to make the extended version short, it begins to go stale once ground; and might still be drinkable, and that’s the reason why grocery stores can leave coffee bags on their counters for many years, but they will never be good just like the first five minutes when they were grounded first.

So, if you are addicted to coffee, buy your grinder and grind your coffee beans.

The Virtuoso+ Coffee Grinder Pros

You can choose from 40 different grind types. You can pick any level between “very fine” to “very coarse,” and you can do it very accurately. Level five is a bit coarse compared to level four, and level four is a bit rougher compared to level three.

There is a 60-second timer button which allows you to control the specific amount of time that your coffee beans will grind. You can leave it on your countertops and finish preparing the food for your breakfast while your coffee beans grind.

The Virtuoso+ coffee grinder has a strong and effective motor that runs flawlessly with virtuoso+ conical burr mill by baratza to make a uniform grind. Whether you settle for coarse, medium-coarse, or fine, the Virtuoso+ will consistently provide your grounds.

The machine is straightforward to use – even a newbie can operate it. There are few advanced options if you are interested in customizing the details of your grind.

The The Virtuoso+ Coffee Grinder Cons

If you are not cautious, you can get the grinder to overheat and burned out your coffee beans. But this kind of scenario has never happened to me, but I read that other users experienced it. If you plan to use the longest grinding time or highest rotation level, you need to make sure that you stand there and keep an eye on the machine.

If you are experimenting about the different amount of coffee beans, the walls are opaque, and you cannot see the inside of the catch container and aren’t sure if it is already full or not.

The Ugly About The Virtuoso+ Coffee Grinder

I’m just kidding! There’s nothing ugly about this coffee grinder, the Virtuoso. It is not the most appealing coffee grinder on the market, but rest assured that with the use of it, you cannot get yourself shamed in front of your friends and colleagues.

Final Verdict

After using it for about five weeks consistently, I now feel more confident endorsing the Virtuoso+ to other coffee lovers out there. Even though it is not a perfect machine, but it offers excellent features for the price and doesn’t contain any significant flaws.

The Virtuoso+ coffee grinder is suitable for all stages of experience. You can use the standard setting while familiarizing yourself to it; jump to better controls when you are ready

Hopefully, through this Baratza Virtuoso+ review, you will now know a lot about it. You can make a good decision now. You can produce all kinds of coffee using this machine – and this is my favorite about the Virtuoso+ coffee grinder. Whatever type of morning I might have, I can switch between espresso and drip coffee.

Another thing, you will not have a challenging time cleaning it and a one year warranty from Baratza brand. Do consider the Virtuoso+ if you are looking for a user-friendly coffee grinder.

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