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Aeropress vs Chemex Review Coffee Maker- Ultimate Guide

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You might have to look for the perfect way to brew your coffee.

Almost all coffee lovers might agree with the fact that anytime can be coffee time.

There is no need for an exaggerated excuse to maybe have a taste from the cup of the black miracle, and this can be a reason why you should try and make your coffee sweet and very tantalizing.

The sole question becomes, which one should you go for, Chemex vs Aeropress.

Let’s look at the Chemex review and Aeropress.

The Brewing Procedures of Chemex vs Aeropress

Taking the coffee and engaging the best brewing method all depends on individuals taste and style.

Many an individual spend the most time trying to know the best way to brew your coffee while they might e forgetting learning how to drink it.

However, there is no need to castigate these types of people because the more research the more beneficial it can be to us.

Often times selecting the unique brew might become a big deal in terms of engaging Aeropress process which is easy or Chemex coffee device which is more easily and efficacious.

The tie becomes hard between Aeropress vs Chemex or Chemex vs Aeropress.

Aeropress vs Chemex Coffee Maker – Similarities

    Aeropress           Chemex 
Brewing Processforceextraction or filtration
Usage levelEasy and speedyTime-consuming
Brewing ControlAvailableYes
Brewing duration4 minutes5 minutes
Available Plastic Materials Glass
Sizes Available1 size8, 3, 6, or 10cup size
End Result of BrewStrongRich
Price Tags$30-$50$40-$80

The above is to further inform you of the differences between these Aeropress vs Chemex review.

The Unique Aeropress Coffee Maker

The best Aeropress coffee maker is a bit easy considering you are always in haste, you might not have enough time to waste on coffee brewing but you might have no other choice than to take it because it has become your everyday life routine.

However not taking it might appear like an incomplete daily task to you.

Aeropress is a classy and unique product for brewing your coffee, you can stay at your comfort and make your tasty coffee in a matter of few minutes, you might spend some minutes adjusting your brewing setting but the highest time everything will take might not be up to 5 minutes.

The espresso machine can be compared to the Aeropress brewing machine.

You engage in extracting the content of the beans and make hot water run along the filter.

Aeropress Cleaning and Processing

Easy to make: Put the filter in the device, with that; proceed to add your grounds to the filter.

Pour little hot water on top and use the plunger makes the water run along the grounds.

That’s exactly how you will have your superb coffee.

Easy to clean: Aeropress cleaning, the machine is a little easier and just like making your coffee.

Remove the filter and get it disposed of, you will need to clean the Aeropress coffee maker and get ready to make your move out to anywhere you want to take your coffee.

Enjoy a good and happy day with your amazing coffee.

The Chilling Chemex Review

Chemex coffee maker has been in existence for more than 70years and this simply signifies that it came into existence before some important inventions in the world, like the computer, this shows how important brewing means.

Aeropress focus on clock delivery coffee; Chemex is the other way round and takes time to engage with some particular techniques.

The Chemex coffee maker produces a rich aroma coffee and this makes it almost many coffee lovers favorite.

Chemex coffee device looks very simple and easy, made of glass in the shape of an hourglass and size of a filter, while, the grounds can mainly be poured over into the Chemex coffee filter after pouring boiling water in it.

It takes nothing more than or less than 4 minutes to be done, after that, be ready to take your nice and superb cup of tantalizing aroma coffee.

Easy to Use

Aeropress and Chemex coffee makers are both easy for usage; however, the major disparity is the duration it takes to make your coffee.

  • Chemex coffee machine might look like an hourglass container but you will need to engage the similar process of coffee preparation almost every time in terms of adding water to the filter and allowing it to flow. Add remaining water and leave till it finishes brewing. While the brewing duration as highlighted above will not take more than 4minutes.
  • Aeropress has not much difficulty in assembling it at the beginning and it is easy to use consecutively without much stress.

Aeropress is quick to brew, however, you might experience some difficulty in the brewing when its meant for a large population of people.

Storage wise, a Chemex coffee grinder can brew than two cups of aroma coffee compared to Aeropress.

Thereby, brewing coffee for more than seven people will be equally fast as proposed. The Chemex coffee maker can be the option for brewing for a larger population.

In addition, the process for coffee brewing with Aeropress is very easy and straightforward; the cleaning up time is very minimal. An individual new to coffee brewing might find Aeropress as really easy.

However, the Chemex can be viewed to be made for people who are a bit handful with coffee making and needed more satisfaction over the brewing process.

Furthermore, comparing these two similar products will surely make us arrive at a conclusion that, Chemex is an elaborate tea device and Aeropress is an instant tea device.

Comparison Between the Brewing Control and Duration

The brewing duration for Aeropress might be up to 30-60 seconds and this is because you can easily make the water go through the grinds.

This process eliminates waiting all day for your coffee to brew.

While Chemex brewing time depends on the type of grind you choose to use. The grinds vary, while some may take up to two minutes, others can take up to seven minutes.

Chemex involves a drip system and how effective the water can flow along the grind is undeterminable.

Aeropress ensures your time is saved and fast tracks your coffee intake for your day.

While some people that love chilling when the coffee is brewing, the Chemex coffee maker is a unique choice.

However, as an individual with less time to risk, Aeropress is a great deal for you.

Gadgets that Come with the Brewer

The Chemex is not sold with filters, there is a need to purchase the filters. Precautions’ must be taken also while purchasing the filters.

Many people didn’t realize there is a need to purchase filters separately from the Chemex and they end up blaming themselves.

While you order for your Chemex, order your filter as well. The filters are in numerous shapes, Chemex sizes, and colors, this gives a chance of choosing from varieties.

Chemex advises not to use any other filter other than their filters for your coffee. They recommended their filters are thicker and hold more grounds than others.

However, when you order for Aeropress coffee maker, there will be an addition of 30 filters along the coffee maker.

Thereby, if you use it alone, you can drink only one cup in a day in order for the filters to last you for almost a year.

Rinsing them appropriately can also give you an opportunity to use them twice, even though the filters are not costly and this means you can easily purchase at shops that sell Aeropress.

The Designs and Structure of the Brewing Devices

The devices have unique styles.

Aeropress does not look attractive like its contemporary, but it is very much user-friendly. It does not have BPA or phthalates which every coffee drinker must avoid daily.

On the other hand, the Chemex coffee maker is fancy, attractive and has a stylish structure.

It appears simple and fashionable which is the reason many fashions like people may prefer it over Aeropress.

It is simple and appears as shaped hourglass container made with glass and with a wood-like handle and cord.

This might be a shock for you to know that this has been shown in art classical galleries around the world.

Going with looks and attractiveness, Chemex can be a good option, most especially if you are brewing in form of a large population of people.

Comparison Between the Tastes

Coffee brewing methods are just like fruits in some aspect but entirely different in others.

Talking about taste, comparing the two devices is entirely like comparing the taste of two different fruits, even though both are fruits, they grow the same way and receive the same nutrients from the soil, they taste sweet but completely taste differently.

For example, Aeropress will give an espresso and the coffee produced from this process is always strong, clean and rich. It is just like a power-charged coffee you take before going out.

While Chemex will launch you into the chill mode right from the point when you start brewing it.

Chemex can be considered to be the milder type of Aeropress. Even though the taste is not as sharp as that of Aeropress coffee maker, but you sure will enjoy it.

This is a perfect device for people who might be unable to handle sharp coffee due to heart palpitation. You can as well mix with milk to make a perfect lunchtime.

Sighting a View and Sensing the Aroma

Taste is not the only way to differentiate both devices, smell also play a vibrant role in this category. Apart from the beans with mugs used, these two devices carry a strong smell.

People from all around the world have given their verdict that the scent is spicy and sweet and just equal to the natural smell root beer produces.

More individuals are even claiming the smelling has its own healthy effect and also helps in inhalation of good odors.

The above picture shows that the left view contains Aeropress while the right contains Chemex. They both only have coffee grounds, nothing else is added.

The difference between these two devices is clear, from the significant disparity between the different colors and the fact that Aeropress coffee maker appears to concentrate largely on details.

In terms of the looks, everyone loves seeing their coffee just as black as magic (many people have given this as their opinion on the various social media platform and also claims coffee is life).

Much of Chemex brew is not seen using to opacity level to judge, while in Aeropress, the opacity level is much obvious.

The Durability Test

There is a need to handle Chemex with care due to the usage of glass in making it. The ability to handle the glass with care will surely ensure longevity in the usage of the device.

However, for people that are careless or unconscious about material things, then Chemex coffee maker might turn out not to be the best option for you.

Obviously, all coffee maker is supposed to be used with care and maintain as much as possible. There is a need to put it to use and ensure cleaning it regularly in order to avoid stiffness.

Nonchalant individuals can surely get the Aeropress mainly because it is made with plastic and it won’t cause a headache once it falls to the floor.

However, it is not a good feeling seeing what you spend your fortune on, just getting a break over the time. This can lead you to miss your daily coffee routine once your maker breaks.

You know yourself more than people, just go for a coffee device you are sure you can handle, if you are the nonchalant type, just easily go for Aeropress in order to save your purse.

However, if you are the conscious type then go ahead to get Chemex.

One of the defects of the Aeropress is the fact that plastic might end up not as durable in the effect of time compared to glass.

For instance, keeping the Aeropress and Chemex coffee maker in a container for more than 90 years, there is a high probability the Chemex coffee maker might stay in a good shape due to it glass body while the Aeropress plastic might have almost turned rust.


When you are about to purchase your coffee brewer, you will surely want a versatile coffee brewer and you will have the option to choose between a device that will give you just coffee while the other that will give you coffee, cappuccinos, and others.

Am sure you will go for the one with cappuccino and Latte.

Aeropress will give you a better choice, considering you to be a lover of Cappuccino, Latte or Americano, it is apt that and possible to make this if you have heated milk available.

Considering the two options, Aeropress is the more attractive options because it can be used to make more than coffee.

While drinks like cappuccino will need an espresso process coffee to make as a basis and the brew produced by Chemex coffee maker is not what will be needed to make your cappuccino.

Chemex offers coffee that is similar to the normal coffee your filter can make. However, Aeropress coffee maker is familiar to the brewing you will get with the usage of the love.

Price: What about that?

Firstly, filters made for Chemex coffee maker are costly than the filters for Aeropress.

However, both devices filters are composed of paper and Chemex coffee maker uses very thick and heavy paper type.

Financially, it will be highly advised to get Aeropress filters if the filter is for personal use but if it is for a larger crowd, getting a quality one from Chemex will be okay.

The cost-effectiveness of these devices is different, while Aeropress is not really expensive compared to Chemex.

The difference between the two devices might not be really obvious to the coffee newbie, over the time you will get to realize that Chemex cost you more and quality.

Chemex cannot be concluded on to be an uncomfortable purchase.

Assuming an individual is a type that relies on easy coffee, you can thereby imagine the amount of cost you will save in just a year.

You will get the filter paper worth.

The Brewing Techniques and Skills for and Aeropress vs Chemex Coffee Maker

We discussed the merits and demerit of all brewing method already, however, there is still need for you to brew the coffee appropriately.

I have gathered some valuable hints to help you.

They are mainly based on the facts am aware of any other people’s observation and thought.

Tips for using an Aeropress coffee maker:

  • Using an electric kettle with temperature control can be a very good option for brewing Aeropass. You can use 16.6-17g of coffee and use 250ml water level and a temperature lower than boiling water (CCA 80c).
  • Prevention is better than looking for a cure; always ensure you rinse the filter papers well before usage.
  • Adding about 50ml water and leaving the coffee for 30seconds will provide a good coffee grounds product for you. Water can be added later and easily in order to preserve the coffee aroma
  • Depending on the ground type used, you can get your coffee by pressing easily, while a normal extraction time is not always more than 84 seconds.
  • There might need to exercise patience before you press the coffee maker in order to ensure the ground is well mixed with the water.

TIP: Make the beans a little bigger while grinding. This will make you get a stronger and lasting aroma.

Following this method above for Aeropress, you are guaranteed to get a sweet Aeropress coffee.

However, like a Chemex coffee maker individual, you should be happy to know these hints:

  • Coffee with 25g must use utmost 350ml quantity of water
  • Adding water consecutively while blooming the coffee will make it great. The temperature is to be observed closely also and should be 90 – 100 degrees Celsius in order to avoid boiling.
  • Stirring repeatedly will give you a great flavor extraction while making your coffee
  • While adding water in the case of a second bloom, ensure it is done slowly and easily in order to avoid the coffee tasting bitter and sour while it is supposed to be sweet.
  • In case the coffee is sour or bitter, going for a coarser grind, less stirring and cooler water is the best option.

To be perfect about the process, there is a need to practice over the time until you get the unique brew for your coffee.

Your sweet coffee might be bitter to others, taste is dynamic.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, we have observed closely that the two devices, Aeropress and Chemex review have advantages and disadvantages.

There is numerous benefit attached to these two devices and it is necessary people get to know about them.

  • Chemex is a bit slow when it gets to the process of coffee making, however, has the unique method of controlling the quantity of your coffee. It also has a larger Chemex size of brewer which can serve a whole family with morning coffee every day. The physical attractiveness of the device also informs the fascinating feature of the device which makes you want to bring it out to the public without feeling timid.
  • Aeropress is not the superb coffee maker or brewer but it is just portable and a convenient option for some people. Mixed with your brewing skills and technique with the good coffee, you will have your heaven sent morning coffee ready in no much time. Adding the right ingredients while brewing, for instance, this can make you get a unique cappuccino and lighten up your day.

Both Aeropress and Chemex can be viewed to be the best coffee brewer, the final verdict depends on the taste of the individual, our taste and wants are different.

Aeropress will give you the opportunity of saving your cost due to its cheapness in a purchase and also its versatility.

However, Chemex owing to stylish structure and it’s large quantity feature, this is also one of the best options to pick after our Chemex review.

After reading the above, we believe you are able to make the right decision on the type of coffee brewer that really meets your taste and style.

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