A Review About Mr. Coffee Maker of BVMC-SJX33GT-AM 12-Cup Programmable

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Well, that is an example of an entire model name. Fortunately, Mr. Coffee maker is more accessible to operate than remembering its complete model name!

We are conducting a trial testing with different kinds of coffee machines to provide you with some unbiased advice when you plan to buy a coffee machine. We agreed to try this specific machine called Mr. Coffee machine with a model name of BVMC-SJX33GT.

It has a retail price of not more than $35, and this Mr. Coffee maker is our best-chosen option when it comes to the budget-friendly coffee machine. The amount doesn’t describe its performance, and as you go through this article, you will understand why.

Features of Mr. Coffee Maker Model BVMC-SJX33G

“This particular coffee maker is a 12-cup programmable, and it features a streamlined design. Aside from that, its thermal container is consistent in providing a fresh flavor of coffee and to prolong the coffee’s hot temperature.”

The following are the features of the Mr. Coffee maker:

  • You can choose either a thermal container or a glass one.
  • Timer for delay brew: This feature lets you set both the machine and the timer. You can decide when the device will start brewing by setting its timer so you will be able to enjoy a newly brewed coffee as soon as you wake up.
  • Timer for freshness: This timer will make sure that you are still drinking a fresh coffee and it does show when to throw away the previous one.
  • Selector for brew strength: This selector allows you to decide if you want a have a bold brew coffee or just a normal one. Go for the bold one if you want a strong punch of coffee.
  • Water filter: This coffee water filter ensures that it takes away all the chemicals against the water that you are using to make a coffee – providing you a better flavor.
  • Pause and serve to brew: It is indeed a great feature especially if you are brewing filled-container of coffee and cannot wait to try and drink one. You can quickly pause the process of brewing whenever you want and restart it again after you pour a cup of coffee yourself.
  • Automatic shut off: coffee maker can be set up to automatically shut off after two hours of using it brewing your coffee. Isn’t it great? You do not need to be aware continually if you want to go somewhere else and switch off the machine after the time assigned.

Below are the things included when you purchase this coffee maker:

  • A Coffeemaker
  • A glass container or carafe
  • A manual to guide you in using the device
  • A system of water filtration
  • A warranty good for one year

There are optional extras included like:

  • A lengthened warranty of three to four long years which you can enjoy when you pay an additional fee.
  • If you like to settle with a thermal carafe, a thermic stainless steel carafe DRD95 of Mr. Coffee is best for you.
  • You can have a GTF2-1 basket of Mr. Coffee with a permanent filter in gold tone, which is a recyclable filter that breaks the use of paper filters, at a retail price of $6. This filter is best suitable for you if you do not want to wash filters over and over again after usage. Hence, it can also help you save money compared to purchasing paper drainers.

Does Mr. Coffee Maker Work Well?

We were so stunned to discover and know that this coffee maker operates pleasantly just like other models out there.

There is a specific saying that a lot of people are aware of it and that’s “you accumulate what you compensate for.” This positive thought makes us wonder if this is appropriate when we stop comparing numerous characteristics of this Mr. coffee 12 cup with the trait of other devices that have a high value.

Do you believe that you need to pay more to enjoy the best features of a particular product? Hold on. This machine operates well just like any other expensive machines that we have tested.

The taste of the coffee is good. It’s hot just like the others but still not sufficient to mark a bitter taste of being burnt. You can enjoy the different taste among a bold cup and standard cup.

Things That Are Liked

The following are the few benefits that you can enjoy having a Mr. Coffee maker:

  • Budget-friendly price
  • The Coffee 12 cup programmable coffee maker allows you to pause while in the brewing process and fill your mug if you desire.
  • Having an option between thermal or glass carafe
  • Water filtration

Things That Are Not Liked

Looking for some reasons about the disadvantages of this Mr. Coffee maker that provides us a great taste of coffee at a budget-friendly price was difficult, but for the sake of giving full information, we criticized this coffee maker carefully.

The machine is not pretty compared to the other models when it comes to its appearance, but amazing when it comes to its performance.

The Mr. Coffee maker has only a minimum total of 4 cups per brew.

The clock on the LCD is not that visible because it is not lit-up.

Top Advice to Get the Best Out of this Mr. Coffee Maker

Here are some of the top things that we have carefully chosen to make sure that you enjoy the best experience in using the Mr. Coffee maker:

  • Use it accordingly just like what the manufacturer said.
  • Be that you are taking good care of your machine by cleaning it well and regularly.
  • Only choose top quality coffee when brewing.
  • Always use a fresh ground coffee.
  • Ensure that you are frequently replacing the water drainer.
  • Before you brew your first pot, run several cycles first because it has probably an awful smell of plastic on the first cycle.

This Coffee Maker Is Best For

The Mr. Coffee machine is perfect for every coffee lovers especially those people who don’t want to settle and pay for a vast amount of money on a coffee maker.

This Coffee Maker Is Not Best For

Mr. Coffee machine is not ideal for those people who are very particular with regards to its style. It is not awful if that’s what you think about my statement, but I mean that any other coffee makers have a better and stylish appearance.

Aside from that, this Mr. Coffee maker is not the best choice for people who don’t want the idea of using water that’s filtered.

Final Verdict

All in all, you can see and understand why we settled using this Mr. Coffee maker as our best buy when it comes to the budget. The machine performs well as any machines out there for a low price.

As you can see, we experienced having a hard time stating the disadvantages of using this particular coffee maker. We can proudly say that this machine deserves to recommend to anyone who is searching for a new kind of coffee machine while not spending a lot of money.

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